Shooting BigFoot, Minnow Film’s Morgan Matthews to Release Movie & Later Body

Bigfoot Headshot
Bigfoot Headshot
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Toronto , ON Canada –-( Independent Film studio, Minnow Films and award winning documentary director Morgan Matthews are scheduled to release a reality film about Bigfoot Tracker Rick Dyer, the man who claims to have shot and killed bigfoot in fall of 2012.

The movie release date is set for Tuesday, April 30 2013, 8:29 PM at the Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto , ON Canada.

In addition to the movie they claim to be unveiling to the public, at a later date, the body of a male Sasquatch, that was killed near San Antonio, TX.

Rick Dyer, backed by investors (some say a Las Vegas Casino),  has the body is in a secure location near Las Vegas, Nevada and claims he and others will reveal it to the public after the release of the 1st film, which is said to have perfectly clear high definition footage of the live bigfoot. A second film, of the actual shooting and all the events leading up to the killing, and the back story of securing the body after the shooting is rumored to be released after the first film.

Rick Dyer has been on Youtube giving details of the back story and his relationship with Morgan Matthews, he also says that there is so much to the story that there will be a follow up film released after the first film, “Shooting Bigfoot”.

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    1. I haven’t seen/heard Rick stating the actual shooting of aka “Hank” will be in the other film. I wonder if Morgan was able to record the actual shooting scene since the Bigfoot knocked him down. I haven’t purchased a membership, so I don’t have the access to additional news made only to the members. We can only hope it does show it since Morgan Matthews of Minnow Film wasn’t making a movie/documentary to hunt down/shoot a bigfoot. It was a documentary intended to show the obsession of men that believe & go on expeditions searching/hunting for a bigfoot. I don’t have proof this, but suspect this is why the name of the film was changed from “Of Monster and Men” to “Shooting Bigfoot”.

      After the hoax in 2008… which Tom B. paid atleast 3 people to keep their mouths shut that it was a hoax, and promised there would be more later…..Rick being one of the three…when one of the men that was already paid the hush hush money wanted more to keep his mouth closed any longer, and Tom B. didn’t have more to give…the one of the 3 that wanted more and denied more money quickly ousted the truth of it being a hoax but didn’t admit then he was a part of it, paid to keep his mouth shut, asked for more money and the reason he ousted the truth it being a hoax. Tom B. was the one to make it national news. It was originally to be a joke on certain people in the bigfoot community but grew much larger then intended. Rick has dealt with 5 years of people ridiculing him over this. Which is more then some jail sentence’s served by child molester’s, rapist, and some shooting case’s.

      Rick finally saw a real bigfoot in the area (San Antonio, TX), after he had heard the 911 calls. Rick now believed in bigfoot, and why he chose the location. Rick decided then he would have to obtain a bigfoot body for the public to believe his claims. Morgan Matthews had no idea of Ricks intent to truly shoot a bigfoot if possible. Morgan M. thought the gun was only for protection. The bigfoot in the “Camper Video” has never been claimed as the same one shot the next night aka “Hank” by Rick. There wasn’t just one bigfoot in the area. Rick did think the one in the “Camper video” may have been trapped by the business growth and cut off from the rest of it’s clan.. It doesn’t appear to be the same one. Unless it’s just shadows and not hair on the face of the bigfoot in the “Camper Video”. The homeless people that still live there are reporting a larger bigfoot suspected in the area (stronger smelling too). One can only assume it maybe looking for the missing clan member.

      Dr Sique, you are correct there is no proof to Justin S. story…and I believe that’s all it is…a story to try and take the limelight away from Ricks account. In Justin’s original interview he was lead by the interviewer. I believe he told the interviewer he would be more than happy to say anything as long as the beer kept coming! They were friends prior to his interview (Justin’s claims to shooting 2 bigfoot). He admitted in the interview he has been on many bigfoot blogs learning about the Bigfoot and the Bigfoot community. Knowing the controversial subject of Bigfoot and if he had truly shot 2 of them he wouldn’t have walked out of there without proof of some kind. His claim of not knowing anything about a bigfoot even existing prior to his claims of shooting 2 of them, is showing how shameless he is as a person. Why I say shameless? If he didn’t know what a Bigfoot or never heard of it before then how did he know what he shot and how/why would he google Bigfoot and go to the bigfoot blogs? Then the question is..if he shot something unknown or a different species of bear…why wouldn’t he bring it in to authorities? Relying on the excuse it wasn’t hunting season wouldn’t be a good one, when he simply could have said it was attacking him and he had to protect himself. The list of question are endless because the story doesn’t mesh.

      Back to the film “Shooting Bigfoot” even in the trailer one of Minnow films associates says “I didn’t know the goal was to shoot a bigfoot”. (GOAL WAS TO SHOOT a BIGFOOT)I believe even tho the shooting wasn’t shown in the film by Minnow Films it’s a comment of what truly happened…no matter how much people dislike Rick, it doesn’t mean he didn’t truly shoot a bigfoot. Rick has made it clear he isn’t in charge of how things are progressing on aka “Hank” or when information is released to the public…that he would have done things differently. Rick has stated he will have possession of the body for one year and plans to take it from state to state so those that weren’t able to travel to Los Vegas will have a chance of seeing aka “Hank” in person.

      Some people are upset with Rick if he truly shot a Bigfoot, but the truth is without the body no one would believe. Even with the body, people are already saying its a man in a suit. Some are upset that time is being taken for Lab work by Universities, government divisions…but if this wasn’t done then Rick would be hearing It’s not real, and questioning why Government, and Universities didn’t have lab work done. Some are upset because the shooting wasn’t in the film as proof..but again if it would have been in the film people would only say It a man in the suit. The Bigfoot is shown in the film plowing Morgan Matthews down and they claim it’s a man in a suit. Morgan films himself in the hospital ..brusies, blackeye ..nothing is good enough. If it wasn’t Rick that shot aka “Hank” then half of the people that deny Rick his claims would believe it was possible. No proof so far that it is a hoax. Some want to say that Rick has hoaxed multiple times…but it was one time..look up the word can be seen as a joke as well..and yes he did that once in 2008, claims it, owns it..the only one that admitted it out of the 4 that were involved…doesnt mean he is stupid and didn’t learn from it. Doesn’t mean he didn’t really shoot a real bigfoot. One person on YouTube asked Rick “why not take a picture of hank and show that ,wouldnt that be easier ,this just adds to more evidence there is no hank ,also make sure facebook findbigfoot dont nick this still image and add it to there book:}” I asked “You were given a video ….why would you just want a picture? If one doesn’t believe a moving breathing chewing BF then why would a picture be better?” the responce I got “to see if the picture looked like the one in the video” Again this doesn’t prove he didn’t shoot a bigfoot…it proably wasn’t the same bigfoot as the one in the “Camper video”.

      Threats on Rick & his families lives have been made. I saw a couple of the threats on YouTube. What is wrong with people these days?

      1. “Withheld?” aka Rick. You are a fucking idiot. Do everyone a favor and next time you post something claiming your opinion as such fact, then please proof read your long rambling nonsense first. Everyone knows that Rick (you) are full of shit and desperate for money so you fabricate these “sightings” and “bodies” that you have either claimed to see or that you actually shot the thing. There’s no doubt that BF existing is a possibility but he (you) has seriously damaged any chances forever of being taken seriously in having found any proof yourself. Just like everything else he (you) do, its all a joke. The real shame is that anyone ever believes you to begin with. Its actually pretty sad. Good luck with your next hoax buddy.

    2. Rumor has it the last three minutes will show Rick Dyer shooting a Bigfoot and then fading to black. Then we will see if scene of Morgan Matthews on the airplane with a bruised up face either from Bigfoot or a struggle with Rick Dyer.

    3. It’s a hoax people. This is the same guy who convinced the world he had a body in 2008. He’s playing the same game 5 years later.

    4. It may be sad that a magnificent creature died but it is the unfortunate price of progress on a subject denied by mainstream science.

      Let us see the video and the evidence. Let us get past the bullshit.

    5. DrSique, you are confusing two different stories. Dyer shot a Bigfoot and has the event on film. You are confusing this story with the Smeja story. Smeja claimed to have shot a mother and killed one of the juvenile Bigfoot.

    6. I was angered when I saw this guy in a “documentary” talking about how he shot and killed an adult sasquatch and, supposedly, a youth. So, being the open minded individual that I am, I did some cursory research into this supposed event. From what I have garnered, there is not one shred of credible evidence that this shooting took place. This guy has been making money from a piece of fiction and, I would say that this movie is more of the same. If there was a bigfoot body around, the money and noteriety of those who possessed it would come on its’ own. There would be no need for P.T. Barnum style theatrics.

    7. Is this “the” Rick Dyer involved in the 2008 BIGFOOT fraud? If it is I can only imagine anyone stupid enough to fall for this a second time. Though this time no Biscardi whose career was ruined by association.

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