Take Back Maryland Political Action Committee Goes Live!

The wait is over.

Take Back Maryland PAC Goes Live!
Take Back Maryland PAC Goes Live!
Take Back Maryland PAC
Take Back Maryland PAC

Maryland –-(Ammoland.com)- Take Back Maryland PAC, the state’s premier 2nd Amendment Defense PAC is now fully recognized as a Maryland Political Action Committee.

Take Back Maryland was formed to:

  • Establish a major funding source to support efforts to recover the 2nd Amendment Rights stolen from the law-abiding citizens of Maryland by Governor O’Malley and the liberal left wing of the Maryland General Assembly.
  • Support Pro-2nd Amendment candidates
  • Oppose and defeat those who would usurp our 2nd Amendment Rights

Board Members:

  • Chairman: Russell Gunter – Member and Past Treasurer of Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. (AGC)
  • Treasurer/Executive Director: David Ridgway – Member and Past Treasurer of Berwyn Rod & Gun Club, Inc. (AGC), and Executive Member of Maryland Shall Issue
  • Advisory Board:
    • George Durst, M.D. – Member – Board of Directors of Maryland Shall Issue
    • Paul Giegerich, D.P.M. – Member and Past Corresponding Secretary Berwyn Rod & Gun Club, Inc
    • Ray Givins – Legislative Representative – Western Maryland Sportsmen’s Coalition
    • John H. Josselyn – Legislative Vice President – Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc., President – Mt. Washington Rod & Gun Club, Inc., Director – Baltimore County Game & Fish Protective Association, Inc.
    • Richard Kussman – Vice President – Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association and member of Chesapeake Rifle & Pistol Club (AGC)
    • James Saville, Jr. – Member and Past Corresponding Secretary Berwyn Rod & Gun Club, Inc., and Executive Member of Maryland Shall Issue

Take Back Maryland is an independent, non-partisan, single issue, 2nd Amendment Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to protecting, defending and promoting the 2nd Amendment Rights of Maryland citizens.

All funds donated will be used to protect, defend and promote the 2nd Amendment Rights of Maryland’s law-abiding gun owners.

Click here to join Take Back Maryland and donate to Defend Your Rights! (Please note: Donations are not tax deductible) http://takebackmd.org/

Take Back Maryland | PO Box 1346 | Laurel, MD 20725-1346
www.takebackmd.org | 800-746-9828 | 301-798-5132

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G.M. Franey

I recently joined and made a contribution of $250 to the “Take Back Maryland” PAC out of disgust over Md.’s H.Q.L. scam. I presumed that by “joining” and leaving my e-mail I would at least get some periodic updates as to what, if any progress is being made, a petition to sign, a legislator to write to, or call, etc.

Are these people actually doing anything? Their web-page hasn’t been updated in over a year. I found out after the fact that the drawing for the Beretta was done last year. If somebody won, they’re not saying.

Shawn Grammont

It’s time for Marylanders to take our State from these ignorant politicians.