University of Rhode Island Police Forced to Respond to Threat Unarmed

Gun Free School Zone
University Of Rhode Island Police Forced To Respond To Threat Unarmed
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( University of Rhode Island Police responded to reports of a gunman on the Kingston campus on April 4 2013.

Because of a state anti-gun statute, the officers were prohibited from carrying firearms with them when responding to the call.

Upon arriving, university police blocked off Chaffee Hall using only batons and pepper spray. State police –who were armed– then arrived and began a room-by-room search of the building.

After two and a half hours of lock down, no gunman was found, and students were allowed to begin moving in and out of Chaffee Hall once more.

The University of Rhode Island tries to exemplify “non violence” by barring weapons on campus–including weapons that would otherwise be carried by campus police officers.

Rhode Island “is currently the only state in the country that does not allow campus police on public institutions of higher education to carry firearms.”

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How utterly and completely ignorant. The insane asylum is being run by the patients.


I think that is great you have many times more chance being wrongly shot by a cop then killed by a manufactured terrorist or a car jacker. many more dogs would be alive also.when they take away the guns only cops will have them


Who would be stupid enough to work as an unarmed guard. That is double stupid. To believe the sign yourself is stupid.


Now if we can have gun-free cops everywhere else the people will be much safer.

Rusty Springfield

It looks like there might be room for a second sign that reads: “Seriously Disturbed Persons with Homicidal Tendencies Welcome.”

Bob Shell

Maybe they should send in the morons who dreamed up this stupidity to disamr the bad guys. Maybe they can reason with the bad guys. GOOD GOD !!!!!!! How stupid are people


They need to also put one of those “Gun Free” signs in front of banks; coin dealers; shopping malls; gas stations; 7-11 stores, gambling casinos; and the homes of all Senators, Congressmen, & local lawmakers.

D.A. Moran

You cant fix stupid …


You just can’t fix stupid!

D. Murphy

Liberalism, don’t you just love it???