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FORT SMITH, Arkansas –-(Ammoland.com)- Walther Arms, Inc. today announced the final step of transitioning its strategic partnership for distribution today as all Walther products are being sold and distributed from its corporate headquarters in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Walther Arms, Inc. was formed January 1st and has been selling, marketing and servicing all but three models in the Walther portfolio.

Models now sold and distributed by Walther Arms, Inc are the popular Walther P22; Walther PPK-PPK/S .380 and the top of the line concealed carry firearm for Walther, its PK .380. Now, all Walther firearms are under the Walther Arms, Inc. umbrella with all sales, distribution and customer service being done in Fort Smith.

“We are extremely excited to offer the entire Walther line including all aspects of marketing, sales, distribution and service … as well as an integral role in product development” stated Adam Blalock, chief executive officer of Walther Arms. “We’re moving forward with plans to re-ignite the Walther brand and this is another major step. We continue to enjoy a close relationship with Smith and Wesson including strategic partnerships in several areas and this transition has been a smooth one.”

Walther Arms shares a campus and business resources with Umarex USA who has already announced it will further expand its manufacturing operations to include components of both airguns and firearms. Combined, the companies plan to invest an additional $7 million toward expanding the facility and operations over the next five years. The expanding facility will serve as corporate headquarters for both Walther and Umarex in North America. With the expansion, management hopes to create from 70 to 120 new jobs over the next five years.

“We’re excited to reach this phase of the transition,” said Cyndi Flannigan, Vice-President of Sales / Marketing for Walther Arms, Inc. “This will clearly distinguish the sales, marketing and service areas for Walther from Smith and Wesson which will simplify things for our customers and aid both brands in marketing their products. This is a very exciting time to be at Walther Arms and our industry.”

About Walther Arms
Entering its 130th year, Walther has earned the trust of law enforcement professionals, recreational shooters, and athletes through its line of reliable PPQ, PPS, and PPK pistols. Walther Arms manufactures and markets firearms of various calibers ranging from .22 to .40. For more information, visit www.WaltherArms.com.

  • 21 thoughts on “Walther Arms, Inc Now Distributes and Services All Walther Products

    1. sir just purchased my walther ppk/s 22 stamped made in germany. problem i cannot find wood grips for this model. the only ones that seem to be available are ones stateing for smith and wesson made only. i have searched the web to no avail. it appears your co. hANDLES ALL PRODUCTS NOW FOR WALTHER. HOPE YOU HAVE THEM IN STOCK AT A GREAT PRICE. TY JOHN IN JUPITER FL RET. LAW. ENF.

    2. i have an interarms ppk-s stamped made in w germany. it shoots flawlessly but needs rebluing. does walther arms provide a bluing service?

    3. I have a Walther PPK/S. Apparently I bumped into something and broke the right post of the rear sight. Where can I get it fixed or buy the part and put it on myself?

    4. I understand that we can buy direct from Walther. I would like to purchase a 9mm. I have a PK 380, which I gaveto my wife Can it be purchased direct?.

    5. I have a new PPK/s in .380 Caliber. I cleaned it throughly with ballistol cleaner and had to wait some time before shooting the gun at the range.. I shot it yesterday and noticed the rounds were hitting to the right of aim. I checked the sights and found the rear sight was off to the right. I touched it and it moved easily back and forth. Was the sight supposed to be snug fitting or is there some kind of blue lock tight holding it in place? Is there a preferred way to secure the sight in place? The gun fired well with three kinds ammo flat nose, hollow point and round nose bullets. It was flawless.
      Thank you in advance. Jerry

    6. I am wanting to know how to get a job app for the fortsmith location? I have 5yr cnc exp pleas contact me and let me know.

    7. When can I purchase the Walther CCP here in Henderson Nevada? I have called most of the gun shops in Henderson and Las Vegas and no one has had one of these as yet! If I cannot get an answer, then I will just look at buying a different make gun, thank you for listening.

    8. have called a couple of places in ft. worth, tx….is there any store where the walther ccp 9mm is available in the north tx. area?????

    9. Bought my new PPQ M2 .40 S&W two days ago ! : D
      Best handgun, I’ve every own !
      Thank You, thank you …. thanks again !
      I see more … I’ll be back !

    10. Where can I find the Walther CCP model for purchase. I have searched Tulsa area locally and the internet extensively without any luck. Can you help me locate a dealer in the Tulsa area? Will appreciate any help you can provide.

    11. This is for Dennis Trujillo, Go on line and order Wolffe springs , replace the 20# spring in your PPK/S with a 15# ,polish the feed ramp, and get you some Hornaday JHP 124 grain rounds hold on tight ,I wear gloves and you will not have any more problems. AT 27 feet I can place a group of 5 rounds so tight you can cover them with a silver dollar try it you will be surprised, also clean the slide just be for you shoot and leave a small amount of grease on it and she will work fine…I cannot wait to get my hands on the CCP in a 9mm oboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Dave I just got the CCP last week and it looks and feels great. I haven’t taken it to the range to shoot yet, but I have some reservations because the trigger is very mushy. Definitely not the same trigger feel that I’ve felt in any of my other Walther pistols. I’m hoping that Walther will have a fix for this because I really like the CCP.

    12. I have a walther 380 ppks-1. The weapon fails to feed. At first I thought it was the magazine, then magazines. I had it inspected by several gunsmiths. None of them could repair or address the issue. My next option is to have the company that built this weapon review it & determine why it does not funtion. Please help me. thank you in advance. Denny Trujillo. I am currently at work 510-965-4975. ps. Is it possible for me to sent this weapon to you directly or does it have to be forwarded to you from a gun dealer?

    13. Is the Walther PPK/S in 32Cal in production?How about 9mm ? Where can I locate one of each to purchase?

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