What is Maryland Shall Issue Doing To Protect Your Civil Rights Post-SB281


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What is Maryland Shall Issue Doing To Protect Your Civil Rights Post-SB281
Maryland Shall Issue
Maryland Shall Issue

Maryland ––(Ammoland.com)- This law was designed specifically to make it hard for people to keep and bear arms.

The Handgun Licensing provisions are designed specifically to burden ownership, by making it too expensive and time consuming for people to meet the hurdles.

You need to jump through three key hoops: fingerprinting; training; and application. Add to this a probable requirement for notarization of paperwork. The training requirement alone could cost upwards of $150.

MSI is going to become the largest training organization in the state. We are teaming with the good people in other groups to make sure that lawful people throughout this state have a place to go to meet these burdens. We will create trainers where they do not exist, and make sure you have a way to meet the state's requirements.

MSI will provide “one stop” processing for licensing issues. Expect to see us moving throughout the state with trainers, livescan machines, notaries and application reviewers to make sure that applicants get it all done in one place. These services – to the extent we can control costs – are going to be low cost or free. This is community service. This is what you expect us to do.

Rights Education
Once more history sees a Southern Governor enact fees and restrictions on a fundamental civil right, knowing full well that the most disadvantaged among us are the ones who will bear the highest burden. It is regressive, repressive and disenfranchising.

MSI will lead this discussion. O'Malley, Bloomberg, Miller and Busch cannot spin the raw truth: they trampled the rights of the people. Nobody likes to have their rights stolen from them. MSI will cut through the surface veneer of O'Malley's Gun Control and show how ugly it really is.

We broke records in Annapolis. We heard lawmakers say, “never before”, and “this is unprecedented.”

They think it's over. But in many ways, our community is just getting started. This recent General Assembly was just a warm-up.

Those politicians who voted for regressive and disenfranchising legislation who also hope to be re-elected in Maryland's 2014 statewide elections will have plenty of opportunity to answer one simple question: “Why did you vote to violate my civil rights?”

MSI will lead the charge to education voters on issues critical to their rights. People will learn that if we allow the state to violate one fundamental right – even one that may not be universally popular – then we open the door to allowing the state to violate other rights. Who will stand for you when they come for the right you love?

2013 will be viewed as a watershed moment for rights in our nation. The discussion that ensues from the actions taken by those who lord over the people will have ramifications beyond gun control.

We don't need the so-called mainstream media – who are little more than Media Pets for the Political Over class. MSI will reach the People directly.

What We're Not Doing (At This Time)

MSI doesn't feel the need to lead every charge, but we are the infrastructure and resource pool for those leading other efforts. Even when we don't lead, we will support those who do, where we can.

MSI Political Action Committee
We're not forming a PAC at this time. Frankly, it doesn't give us much ability that we do not already have. Becoming experts on campaign finance law could dilute our expertise on civil rights and firearms law.

MSI is first and foremost the largest gun rights advocacy group in the state, and we do much of our work via education and outreach. We are issue advocates. We will work with media, individuals and any other 2A advocacy group – PAC or otherwise – to get the message out. I think you'll see us as a central resource for anyone looking to advance our rights in this state and beyond.

MSI is not the best lead something like this. Much like a PAC, it would dilute our activity in other places. We won't work against the idea of a referendum – I think such a popular idea within our community deserves a thorough consideration and vetting. That means doing some hard work, some hard math and some planning. In other words, we need to sit down and get the stakeholders involved and on the same page.

We're already working with some folks on this analysis. If you have a group and are not already involved, I encourage you to contact MSI. We actually have already done some homework here before the bill passed. We did some analysis. We would be happy to share it with the right groups. If anything, it could save you some time during your analysis. Likewise, there are others with information you could use. Again: reach out if you haven't been involved.

Final Thoughts

The bill passed. We made some good hits on a junk bill. Speaking personally, I am proud of how our community stood shoulder to shoulder and fought together. We did good. For one thing, our people won't be going to jail or losing rights because of simple paperwork errors. We did more, but right now is not the time to talk about them.

Right now it's time to dig in and fight.

MSI will be in your area soon. Make sure to come out and get involved. We are nothing without you and your ideas

Maryland Shall Issue, Inc.
1332 Cape Saint Claire Road #342
Annapolis, Maryland 21409

Mission Statement: Maryland Shall Issue is an all volunteer, non-partisan effort dedicated to the preservation and advancement of all gunowners' rights in Maryland, with a primary goal of CCW reform to allow all law-abiding citizens the right to carry a concealed weapon; and to the education of the community to the awareness that ‘shall issue' laws have, in all cases, resulted in decreased rates of violent crime.

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7 years ago

This is why I stopped supporting MSI. MSI will sellout on 2nd Amendment issues if they do not fit the narrow focus of concealed carry. SB281 needs every resource we can muster to fight it. We must succeed in getting SB281 to the ballot box, MSI should be in the forefront leading the cause to collect signatures. As much as I wish I could conceal carry in my own state it won’t matter much if we don’t have guns to carry.

7 years ago

Starting to feel what Slavery must have felt like under the laws of O’Malley and his henchmen..

Harvey Meltzer
Harvey Meltzer
7 years ago

Gee sounds like Texas. That is the three steps we take to get our CHL. It is no big deal,The state application is done on line. just print it and take it to the location. Receive a darn good training session go shoot to qualify. same place does prints. Every purchase gets background check

Lochlyn Grendelsson
Lochlyn Grendelsson
7 years ago

The Supreme Court has decided, repeatedly, that an INHERENT RIGHT may not be taxed, licensed, suspended, or restricted.
Why are our “legislators” so incredibly STUPID?