Alaska Gun Store Sells Out Three Weeks of Ammo in Days

Hoarding 22LR Ammo
Alaska Gun Store Sells Out Three Weeks of Ammo in Days
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Sportsman’s Warehouse in Fairbanks, Alaska says what used to be a three-week’s supply of ammunition for the store now sells out in mere days.

According to Anchorage’s CBS affiliate KTVA, Alaskan gun stores are feeling the same pinch as gun stores in other parts of the nation right now. In fact, popular calibers like .22 and .308 generally sell out just “minutes” after hitting the shelves in Fairbanks.

Many stores in Fairbanks can’t even get ammo, and this has driven prices up across the board, including ammo sold at gun shows.

Jason Kohfeld, hunting department manager at the Fairbanks’ Sportsman’s Warehouse, said this the not the first ammunition shortage to hit Alaska, but it is being driven to new levels by “insatiable demand.”

We’re doing everything we can to try to get the customers what they want. All the warehousers, the distributors nationwide, they’re allocators now [instead of] warehousers. They get a shipment [of ammo] and it gets split up and goes directly back out the door.

Different calibers are being sent to different places to try to meet demand, but with ammo disappearing just “minutes” after hitting the shelf, it appears there is no end in sight for demand at this level.

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I just wish that us normal,sane shooters could find more ammo at normal prices . I refuse to pay 3-4x regular price for now and as long as possible. Hell it took me just over six months to get my 1911 on order and shipped! Now I am doubly concerned about taking my pistols and shooting them as much as possible (practice) for the pure enjoyment and confidence that comes with proficiency btw the Feds have ordered upwards of 400 million rounds of various calibers since the hostile occupation by Obama and his co conspirators.check the website for ammoland news… Read more »


HBH you actually do sound irrational and I can almost picture the spit flying out of your mouth as you type….


@Hardcase,so you’re an expert on why people purchase ammo ? I think not.I have more ammo now than I’ve ever had in my life combined. I’m not either irrational or gouging anyone.Usually people like you whine because you wish you had more ammo and dont.


I buy as much as I can whenever I can.


Hardcase yup everyone hit the nail on the head here! Ive seen online people reselling ammo at exhorbant prices. Even online retailers are getting in on the act selling ammo at 3-4× pre Dec12 prices and people are stilk buying it! If they would not purchase ammo at such high prices #1 the prices will hopefully drop and # 2 the ammo supply will start replentishing itself! As long as their are hoarders doing what they are doing their is no hope. People who DONT EVEN OWN GUNS are purchasing ammo to facilitate the shortage and drive up the prices.… Read more »


Hoarders are buying ammo in unprecedented amounts because they’re either irrational or they’re turning around and gouging their fellow shooters.


Hmmm, I wonder why Americans are buying ammunition in unprecedented amounts? With such a trustworthy and constitution abiding government in office, it’s a mystery. What could they be thinking?


Selling out in days? Yeah, I’m sure because hunting is picking up. LOL