Biden: Four Senators Want To Change Their Vote & Support Gun Control

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Washington DC – -( In an interview carried this month in Rolling Stone magazine, Vice President Joe Biden said four Senators who voted ‘no‘ on gun control have called him to say he was right and they were wrong, and they’d like another chance to vote on the legislation.

Biden said he has been spending time trying to convince Senators their “no” vote was wrong–that “the public has changed” and really wants more gun control.

Added Biden:

To use the vernacular, there’s suddenly a lot of Senators out there who have seen the Lord. You find out that Senator from New Hampshire is in trouble; she voted no. I can name you four Senators who called me and said…“I guess you were right–maybe we can find some other way of doing this. Can we bring this back up?”

Biden did not identify the four Senators who called him. But he did say, “I’m convinced we’ll be able to bring this back up, and I’m convinced we can win this.”

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Do you think that biden scum could be lying ? Thats a no-brainer ! Remember the filibuster threat by Cruz,Paul,etc.? I dont think that gun-grabbing scum could stop the next go around ! It will have to be done are these liberal sissys could do this every few months.HBH

Bill Baker

@boozy: You’re assuming that the idiots who voted for him wouldn’t do so today as they did months ago. While I have seen many shocking things in the last few months, I have seen few democrats who wouldn’t still vote for the guy. He gives them stuff, can’t beat those Obama phones…


How about we do a re election and see how the people feel about having a “Crook” for a prednent and complete dimwit for a VP…these guys are an disgrace


Perhaps NOW would be a good time for ole Joe to name those senators, so, “we the people” might find out for our selves, can get the scoop for ourselves, rather than just taking his word for it. Not that we believe for a minute, that Joe would lie…