Morning Joe Edits Out Senator’s Town Hall Response to Gun Control Supporters

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte
New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte
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Washington DC – -( On MSNBC's Morning Joe Tuesday, footage of Sen. Kelly Ayotte's (R-NH) town hall was carefully edited to take away the Senator's rational explanations for why she opposes background checks, while leaving in full the emotional appeals from gun control proponents attending the Monday event.

The segment opened by showing Erica Lafferty, daughter of the slain Sandy Hook Elementary School principal, speaking to Ayotte at the town hall. Lafferty said Ayotte had opposed background checks because they would hurt gun store owners in New Hampshire, and then she asked why the thought of “my mother being gunned down in the halls of the elementary school isn't as important as that.”

Instead of explaining that background checks had nothing to do with the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, the Morning Joe crew showed video of Lafferty storming out of the town hall in protest–after she didn't get the answer she wanted.

Host Joe Scarborough and panelist Chuck Todd used the discussion to suggest Republicans' stances on background checks are making or breaking their popularity among constituents.

Scarborough said, “We've been looking at the polls, and Ayotte is down, of course.” He continued, “You look at Pat Toomey [R-PA], and [he's] up 7 percentage points in his home state.”

Scarborough did not mention Toomey has completely disavowed and abandoned the very bill he was championing two weeks ago–the Manchin-Toomey “compromise.”

Scarborough specifically suggested Ayotte will face political fallout for her vote, saying there is no place for any politician to run and hide in New Hampshire.

However, a Quinnipiac University Poll was on the screen showing that Americans trust Republicans with guns 42% to 38% over Democrats. But Scarborough bypassed the poll, and instead went back to describing gun control as an “emotional” issue.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Morning Joe Edits Out Senator’s Town Hall Response to Gun Control Supporters

    1. I saw the very episode,and Brezezinski,stated “we need to see her entire response,because this is just a snippet,so your entire story is built upon a false premise.The whole tape was shown later,and Ayottes reasoning,was ridiculous and only would satisfy the most intellectually impaired,or dishonest,which is what the author of this article is.The comments about Toomey are incorrect,and over 85% of the American people are for background checks.Don’t you people on the far right,ever get tired,or embarrassed, of your pathetic,awkward,juvenile attempts to sound like the injured party.One needs to merely watch a night of FoxNews,to know what kind of insidious individuals are running Abraham Lincolns party now.

    2. The only thing worse than no news is NBC. There you can count on getting lies and half truths, if and when they decide to even mention a news item. Sometimes I wonder who is worse; obama or the muckraking, lying, bottom-feeding examples for reporters that NBC, ABC, PBS, and CBS employ.

    3. I am not sure if this is true, but it sure fits the situation. Allah told Mohammed to ensure all Kuffars and Infidels are disarmed so they could not stop the advancement of Islam. That is where Obama is coming from on his gun control with Eric Holder. I would like to know why Eric Holder is not in Prison for the Fast & Furious gun deal? In that case why is Obama still in office anyways?

    4. Obamas control is far reaching and insidious in it’s propaganda campaign! you must recognize that the majority of media are state controlled! It is increasingly difficult to find real, honest and ethical journalism in America.

    5. What a disappointment Joe Scarborough is! To think I voted for him twice as Representative from my district in FL. He was a staunch conservative back then, but resigned “to be closer to his family in FL” – he then immediately moved back to DC to join PMSNBC on “Morning, Joe”. I thought “OK, he’s abandoned us, but, at least, he’ll be a voice of sanity on that liberal network”. But, no, that’s when the real sell-out began! I NEVER listen or watch anything involving that a$$wipe!

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