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Get Out and Stay Out
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TRENTON, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Recently, I sent an email with an announcement of an animal rights extremist group’s support of a New Jersey state senator. While the endorsement may seem harmless, New Jersey conservationists need to be aware of the insidious campaign being waged in our state to ban fishing, hunting, and trapping.

The people advancing the campaign are changing their tactics and their image. They are the wrapping their animal rights activism under a cover made of environmentalism, just like the wolf that wraps itself under the cover made of sheepskin. They are creating bills that appear reasonable upon initial inspection, but contain vague wording and specific terms that do not alarm the average reader.

But this is a purposeful act, and is meant to be exploited at future dates to claim meanings that were not thinkable during a bill’s passage.

Make no mistake; these are the same people that have been reported as supporting those committing eco-terrorist acts. These are the same people that have been arrested, or are associated with those arrested, for making terrorist threats towards conservationists, for hunter harassment and resisting arrest, and for obstructing the administration of law. They have shackled themselves to block roads, locked themselves in bear traps, and have a list of other misguided actions attached to their names.

These same people are being allowed in NJ schools and public forums to advance their animal rights philosophy under the guise of bear or deer population management. But, these people have no professional biologists, scientists, or wildlife management experts on their staff. They are promoting information that has not been peer reviewed by the science community. They are collecting bits and pieces of unrelated facts and developing imaginative theories, and are using them as a means to teach school children, the public, and even state legislators.

Below is an article unrelated to the above. But, it is a perspective that sheds light on tactics being used by animal rights groups around the world, and especially in the United States. This group is Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). HSUS is dumping money into New Jersey to advance their animal rights agenda. They are working at the township level to ban deer hunting and bear hunting as a means of population management, and they have a number of our state legislators writing bills that would seem to protect pets, but have latent mechanisms to restrict and deter pet ownership, and ultimately stop both hunting and fishing.

The following article is not endorsed by the NJOA CF. It is one person’s perspective. But it includes valuable insights, some that people are learning the hard way.


Published by Tony Hansen | May 10, 2013


This is a tale that began in 1996. That was the year when a fairly unknown organization called the Humane Society of the United States came into my home state of Michigan. Their intentions were simple: Eliminate bear hunting.

HSUS spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on polls and surveys to determine exactly which types of hunting people seemed most opposed to. The end game? Pick off the low-hanging fruit of the hunting world before moving onto the next in a systematic effort to bring all hunting to an end. They were and remain anti-hunters. Rabid, manic, immensely ignorant people who believe animals have the same rights as humans and that anyone who dares hunt animals is on the same level as a serial killer.

Their polling had shown that non-hunters were uncomfortable with the idea of using dogs and bait to hunt bears. So that’s what they attempted to stop. They paid several hundred thousand dollars to collect enough signatures to put bear hunting to a vote. In response, conservation and sportsmen groups in Michigan rallied together and not only soundly defeated HSUS efforts but also launched a counter-measure known as Proposal G mandating wildlife management decisions be based in sound science. The measure passed with overwhelming support. It was believed HSUS had been defeated. It wasn’t.

In 2006, HSUS returned to Michigan, spending several million dollars to overturn a science-based decision by Michigan’s legislature to allow dove hunting. Michigan’s hunters failed to step up and turn HSUS away. Without a strong history of dove hunting in the state, hunters simply didn’t think they should weigh in. They weren’t dove hunters after all, so they didn’t think they needed to fight for something that didn’t impact them. It was a massively selfish mistake.

HSUS won overwhelmingly. With the victory under its belt and arrogance on its mind, HSUS vowed to return to take away more of Michigan’s hunting rights.

In 2012, nearly 15 years after meeting the recovery goals set by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, wolves were finally removed from the endangered species list in Michigan. As part of that delisting process, Michigan was required to design and implement a science-based wildlife management plan to ensure the wolf population did not fall below levels that would again require federal protection.

Michigan’s plan included active, science-based management including a hunting season when and if necessary. The plan is based on the North American Model of Conservation, a model which has enjoyed 100 percent success in every instance it’s been applied over the past century. With some 700 wolves living in Michigan and population trends indicating a continued rate of population growth (Yes, the 2012 survey shows a moderate decline. That’s normal and does not mean the population is declining. To state otherwise shows that you know nothing about population dynamics and proves that you should remain on the sidelines while the adults are talking), the Michigan legislature voted to add wolves to the list of Michigan game species and allow Proposal G to go into effect.

HSUS, as you may have guessed, didn’t like that. Once again, the group came into Michigan and paid more than $300,000 to a California group to buy signatures to overturn the legislation with a statewide vote and once again paid for polls to determine which words and phrases it could use to trick the public. The lies they told were outrageous. Their level of arrogance appalling. And it bit them squarely in the ass.

Michigan’s hunters and residents had finally had enough of out-of-state radicals throwing money around to force their views on others. A group led by Michigan United Conservation Clubs (whom I do communications work for), the Michigan Bear Hunters Association, U.P. Bear Houndsmen and others began working on a bill with Sen. Tom Casperson and Rep. Jon Bumstead that would fully implement Proposal G by allowing the Natural Resources Commission to designate game species and to ensure wildlife management decisions are made by biologists instead of bankers. It was called the Scientific Wildlife Management Package.

HSUS, apparently, was more concerned with parading around its spray-tanned leader Wayne Pacelle and crowing over how many signatures they’d paid for than they were about a group of “wildlife terrorists and murdering rednecks.” They were cocky, arrogant and confident they’d spent enough to get their way.

What happened wasn’t what they expected. In fact, they were completely and systematically dismantled. They were outclassed, outthought, outmatched.

The Scientific Wildlife Management package moved through the state legislature and was signed into law by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday. The package also states that Michigan residents have a right to hunt, fish and trap. Best read that again, HSUS fans.

HSUS reaction has been both predictable and pathetic. They’ve vowed to continue with their ballot initiative even though it has absolutely no meaning. They’ve also threatened to spend millions of dollars to smear Gov. Snyder over his decision to sign the bills. They intend, again, to spend money not to protect the wildlife they claim to love but to “punish” those who don’t share their views.

HSUS doesn’t like to lose and doesn’t believe in freedom or the democratic process. It has absolutely no interest in saving wildlife. It wants only to stop hunting, no matter how many species it hurts along the way. Pacelle is like that spoiled brat that used to kick and scream on the playground when she didn’t get her way. If they can’t win fair and square, it’s time to change the rules. Lie, cheat, pout.

Wayne-O, you didn’t get your way. And if you decide to come back to Michigan, you won’t get your way that time either. Michigan’s hunting community has shown that it’s willing to stand together to stop your efforts. Every time that you come back, we intend to kick you squarely in your proverbial ***. Repeatedly.


Anthony P. Mauro
Sr. Chairman,
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”

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C Doering

PERSPECTIVE? U.S. Population: 314,097,392 [http://www.census.gov/]
H$U$ has “CLAIMED” membership and supporters of 11 million.
Using that “reasoning”, at least 303 MILLION MEMBERS of the U.S. POPULATION are NON-SUPPORTERS of H$U$.
Tell your Congressional representatives and animal industries to ignore the AR *minority*! Marcy Covault says: August 17, 2012 at 1:37 pm

D-M Pendragon

Excellent article. Will be sending it all over.