Prepare for the Hunt with Nose Jammer Personal Care Products

Nose Jammer
Nose Jammer

Winona, MN –-( Fairchase Products, manufacturer of Nose Jammer, makes it easy to wash up before heading into the woods this fall.

Introducing, Nose Jammer Shampoo & Body Wash; a more effective way to prepare your hair and skin before hunting.

The 16 oz. Nose Jammer Shampoo & Body Wash contains no harsh chemicals – no sulfates, parabens, or dyes which dry out skin and hair.

Nose Jammer Shampoo & Body Wash
Nose Jammer Shampoo & Body Wash

The robust lather effectively cleans while also adding Nose Jammer’s scent compounds, which jam, or overload, a big game animal’s sense of smell. MSRP is $14.99

After using the Shampoo & Body Wash, apply the Nose Jammer Deodorant.

The deodorant is offered in a 2.25 oz. clear stick, which targets your highest odor producing areas, and is strong enough to effectively keep you dry all day. MSRP is $6.99

Before heading into the woods, be sure and pack the convenient 6 oz. Nose Jammer Aerosol Field Spray.

Nose Jammer overpowers big game animal’s sense of smell, disabling an animal’s ability to detect and track human scent.

All Nose Jammer products are made with natural aromatic compounds that are emitted from trees and shrubs commonly found in the woods you hunt. The formula is non-alarming because animals are conditioned to these compounds, which are found in their natural environment.

The key to jamming the sense of smell is delivering these compounds at concentrated levels.

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