NRA’s Chris Cox: Obama, Bloomberg ‘See Opportunity’ in Tragedy

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Mayor Bloomberg plotting with Good Friend President Obama
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Washington DC – -( Speaking the NRA convention in Houston, TX on May 4, NRA chief lobbyist Chris Cox said, “Where we see tragedy, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg… see opportunity.”

He continued:

While we pray for God to comfort those suffering unimaginable pain, they rush to microphones, rush to cameras, they gather in war rooms on Capitol Hill, and scheme on how to use that suffering to further a political agenda. That's who they are.

Cox called out Senators who're pushing gun control, asking, “Do you really want to keep guns out of the wrong hands?” He then said: “Then prove it. Prove it by prosecuting violent criminals. Prove it by getting serious about school security. Prove it by fixing our mental health system, that everyone knows is broken. [But] leave our freedoms alone.”

Cox then spoke of “ignorant” politicians like Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). These are pushing against private gun ownership with no real understanding of the kinds of guns law abiding citizens own or the manner in which law abiding citizens use them to protect their own lives.

This is what NRA is up against–politicians who don't understand that every law they pass is just one more law a criminal will ignore.

Words Cox read from a speech Ronald Reagan delivered to the NRA's 1983 annual meeting addressed this head on: “It's a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not phased by gun control.”

Cox read more from Reagan:

Good organizations don't just happen, they take root in a body of shared beliefs, they grow from strong leadership, with vision, initiative, and determination to reach great goals.

And what you've accomplished, every single one of you in this room, speaks for itself. NRA is getting stronger every day.

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    1. It’s not that these gun grabbers don’t understand these things, but that they don’t want to understand them. They love to play dumb.They have no interest in solving the real problem. Only taking away guns from people who have done nothing. They rarely bring up the name, criminal, unless they are referring to us. They think they are so smart and we are so stupid. Keep sending emails and phone calls to lawmakers. This is what they fear most. Vote the bastards out on election day, and if all else fails, hide your guns if they ever come for them, and not in your house. Someone stole them. Find the criminal who did.

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