RZ Masks Announces New Mossy Oak Hunting Masks

RZ Mask - Mossy Oak Break-Up InfinityAmmoLand

CHASKA, MN – (AmmoLand.com) RZ Mask is proud to announce its partnership with Mossy Oak and the releasing of three new camouflage masks featuring Mossy Oak Winter®, Duck Blind® and Break-Up Infinity®.  The masks are currently available for customers and dealers.

The RZ Mask is a neoprene face mask equipped with an active carbon filter that absorbs its user’s exhaled scent. The mask covers the nose and mouth of its user and straps around the back of the neck. With its comfortable fit, the mask can be worn for extended periods of time allowing for a stealthy hunt.

The RZ Mask was invented in 2009 by Steve Torbenson of Burnsville, Minn. It was originally developed to provide a comfortable, filtered solution to prevent the inhalation of dust for Torbenson and his four sons while riding dirt bikes and ATVs. Following its release to the industry in 2010, the RZ Mask exploded with popularity amongst riders all over the world. Torbenson then set out to develop a mask to help conceal scent within the hunting world. The final product was an effective, multi-purpose camouflage mask that quickly became popular with hunters off all types looking to keep themselves hidden from the eyes and nose of their prey.

“We are extremely excited to offer our year-round hunting masks for hunters of all types,” said RZ Mask President and Founder, Steve Torbenson. “Mossy Oak is such a respected and touted company, andwe are honored to work with them. The three new masks will allow users to hunt year round with the advantage of scent concealment.”

The Mossy Oak RZ Mask can be purchased on http://rzmask.com and retails for $34.95. Contact RZ Mask at 888-777-9422 or [email protected].