Senator Joe Manchin Steps up his Campaign of Lies

Don’t let your Senator fall for his “superficial” changes!

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Obama
West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Obama
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( Recently, we alerted you to the intense pressure that pro-gun Senators are experiencing right now.

You guys unleashed a torrent of grassroots activism in response, and we are starting to get great feedback as to where Senators currently stand.

Within the past 48 hours, we have seen clear evidence that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and his staff have openly lied about the status of talks with two Republican Senators.

Manchin is claiming that two Senators who originally opposed his background-registration check amendment would flip their votes if “superficial changes” were made to the text.

But at the request of Gun Owners of America, a prominent constituent spoke with his U.S. Senator in regard to the allegations that Manchin was making about that particular Senator. The constituent reported that his Senator called Manchin’s representations a “lie.”

In a separate case, Manchin claimed to have been in talks with a particular Senate office; but three staffers who would have been part of those talks denied the truth of Manchin’s public representations.

Since Manchin had earlier lied about the status of talks with Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, a standard operating procedure is becoming clear: Manchin is obsessively lying in order to create a false sense of momentum.

Manchin is not the only Bloomberg puppet in the Senate. On Tuesday, California Senator Barbara Boxer filibustered an amendment that would extend firearm owners’ protection in national parks to Army Corps of Engineer projects.

But, in a Senate where a senator’s word has traditionally been regarded as sacred, the first-full-term West Virginia senator has shown a tremendous willingness to engage in open fraud in order to destroy the Second Amendment.

Manchin is now circulating a list of bribes he is trying to use to buy off Republican votes which GOA predicted would happen. Some of these bribes, like an amendment which would supposedly ameliorate the nasty implications of his amendment for rural states like Alaska, are merely superficial and ineffectual.

Others, like opening the NICS list to local police, are just massive violations of individual rights allowing many names to be inserted into the NICS system without due process.

ACTION: Click here to contact your U.S. Senators. Warn them that, in violation of the Senate’s most sacred traditions, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is engaging in fraud, lies, and bribes in order to advance gun control.

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@V4Fan,damn good points !!! HBH


The the Manchin-Toomey amendment to FOPA is a snare-trap. It deals with the transport of a firearm, unloaded and cased, across states where possession is illegal, from a jurisdiction where your possession is legal, to another jurisdiction where possession is legal. For example you have federal clearance to travel across New York State from Vermont to Pennsylvania. However, several counties and The Port of New York Authority, as well as NYC illegally ignore FOPA and have for years. The amendment adds that one loses the protection of FOPA if s/he commits a gun crime in, say, NYS, punishable by imprisonment… Read more »


Geeeee a Demorat LYING?? NOOOOO WAYYYYY!! What does anyone expect??? We havent heard the truth from Demorats sense the HEAD ELF took orfice!!<<purposly misspelled! The demorat liberal fff' will LIE! CHEAT! STEAL! CHANGE WORDS! NUMBERS, Delete things just to see their anti gun bullshit pass!! The go after low informed people, non gunowners, mislead them lie to them use the new outlets( OBAMAVISION) Because most people believe if the new says it that it must be true( WRONG!!) and that their CZAR! Ossama Bin Obama wont lie to them that hes always telling them the truth!! BULLSHIT!! Obama has not… Read more »


The Democraps should be thankful they failed to pass any new laws especially any gun ban… as angry as the American people are today regarding big government and the lies coming out of this administration… fingers are on the triggers of a lot of weapons purchased in the last 5 months. A couple shoot-outs with some law abiding citizens standing up for their second amendment rights refusing to give up their arms is going to touch off (in my opinion)a response from gun owners across this country and leave the democrats facing some very unexpected consequences.


The man is a traitor and scum ! HBH