SOTG Special Edition: Kids and Guns

SP ED kids and guns
SOTG Special Edition: Kids and Guns
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LUVERNE, AL –-( While tens of thousands of us were enjoying the company of patriots and checking out the latest guns, gear and accessories at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas, those who would disarm us were hard at work creating dissension and propaganda.

Of the many seminars at the NRA meeting, Mr. Rob Pincus conducted one on the topic of Home Defense.   During the discussing Rob suggested that it might be prudent to install a rapid access gun vault in your kid’s bedroom in the event of a nighttime home invasion.  The liberal media hit the panic button and fostered hysterics nationwide that the NRA was promoting the idea kids and guns being in the same room.

Unlike the left, we don’t believe the words KIDS and GUNS together are something to be feared.  We don’t use our kids as props to serve our political agenda.  We see our children as adults-in-training who need our guidance, not sheltering.

During this Student of the Gun Special Edition, we will devote an entire episode to the positive side of kids and guns.  We’ll follow young people, adults-in-training as they enjoy the shooting sports.  We’ll also feature the wonderful adult instructors who volunteer their time to work with these kids and help them to grow into responsible adults. is your 24/7 source for all manner of gun related topics.  SOTG offers education and entertainment through on-demand video material, online articles, books, DVD’s and live-training events.  Student of the Gun; a beginner once, a student for life.  Watch the Show right now: