Team ITI Captain Brandon Wright Confirms Safariland As New Sponsor For 2013

Team ITI
Team ITI

SHACKLESFORD, VA –-( Team ITI Captain Brandon Wright of Team International Training, Inc. (ITI) recently confirmed The Safariland Group as a new sponsor for the 2013 competitive season.

The Safariland Group will be providing Wright with the new “Range Series” developed by Team Safariland’s Bobby McGee. This includes a belt, holster and newly designed magazine pouches.

“The Safariland Group is a proud product supporter of Brandon,” commented Bobby McGee, SR. Field Tech. SPC. (NPD/R&D)(DG-ENG.) of The Safariland Group. “Brandon was one of my key people to test our new Safariland ‘Range Series’ Products and was able to win the 2013 Smith & Wesson® IDPA Indoor National Championships using Safariland gear.”

“The Safariland Group continues to deliver quality products. This added gear makes my job easier and shooting equipment complete,” remarked Wright. “For Tactical Operations I use the Model 6004 SLS drop leg holster. For USPSA, I use the Model 5198 holster, along with the ELS belt system. Now for IDPA, I have the new “Range Series” holster, magazine pouches and belt. This new system allows for me to keep my holster and magazine pouches in one place while instructing at ITI. Then when I’m ready to shoot an IDPA match, I simply unsnap the magazine pouch off, leave the holster on the belt, run the belt through the belt loops and snap the magazine pouch back on. Bobby McGee made this series easy on, easy off.”

Wright will be competing next at the 2013 USPSA Springfield Armory Single Stack Nationals held in Barry, IL May 9th through 11th, 2013.

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About Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright served four years as a Law Enforcement Officer and four years as a State Trooper in the Virginia State Police. In addition, Wright was a member of the local police department S.W.A.T. Team. Wright has over nine years of experience as a Firearms Instructor, which he puts into practice at G4S ITI as their Senior Firearms Instructor. He is a Distinguished Master in IDPA and an IDPA National Champion. Wright also holds a Grand Master classification in USPSA Production.

About Safariland®
Safariland®, a company with a rich heritage in the law enforcement and sporting markets for almost 50 years, comprises a group of the most recognized and well-respected brands known for their innovation and quality the world over. We are committed to focusing on the customer first in all we do. Our Mission, Together, We Save Lives, is much more than statement; it is a creed we live by.