US Department of Defense Trade Shuts Down Defense Distributed Wiki Gun Downloads

US Department of Defense Trade Shuts Down Defense Distributed Wiki Gun Downloads
US Department of Defense Trade Shuts Down Defense Distributed Wiki Gun Downloads
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Defense Distributed and has been shut down by the state department. Specifically they have shut down the downloading of 3D Cad files related to firearms printing.

DefCAD was the download site for 3d printed gun CAD files and torrents.

From DefCAD: “This file has been removed from public access at the request of the US Department of Defense Trade Controls. Until further notice, the United States government claims control of the information.”

The Fed is late to the game as all of the files have already been downloaded 1000’s of times and are available all over the web at various Torrent distribution websites.

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Bill Baker can you please email me the files for the AR Mag and Liberator.
[email protected]


please send me some files
[email protected]

Bill Baker

facepalm. I’m not saying it again after this, but, duh, exactly how am I supposed to send you anything when you didn’t leave an address? Oh wait, I did post mine so you could email me, but you didn’t. Anyone else who wants it must email me first or use bit torrent. Thanks arcostrokeman at


I would like a copy of the files as well.
Thank you in advance.

Bill Baker

There have been 1500 seeders for days on bit torrent. Not to mention pirate bay. But again: @val trevino, can’t send you anything without an email address.

val trevino

send copies thnx

Captain Awesome

And I am sure you are all going to be nice responsible little citizens and put a hunk of metal in there so you don’t violate the Undetectable Firearms Act, right? Just like EVERYBODY will. lol.

I am sure that there is NOT one single person who would try to skirt that law.


Its now on Bit Torrent.
Look for the article on DigitalTrends


Can you email me the plans

[email protected]


I have a wide range of weapons and enjoy endorsing and practicing my 2nd amendment right. You all know the world we live in is not a fairy tale. We are awash with people whom are either, deranged, insane, dare I say low intelligence, hostile and cruel. Weapons are no toys and as such must be treated with respect. Free uninhibited printability to them is a rocky slope. When they are used by the aforementioned, this only adds fuel to the fire for the proponents against the 2nd. People need to think before they act, I fear this may only… Read more »

Mike Johnson

My first post did not seem to go through so here is my email for a copy of those files. [email protected] dot com

James Donald

Mr. Baker her is my email for a set of those files. [email protected]

Bill Baker

My comment did not show on my system, I apologize if this ends up being a double post. Need your email to send the files, or you can email me to get them. arcostrokeman @ gmail dot com Thanks

Bill Baker

Can’t email them to you without an email address. Here is mine if anyone else wants to email me to get them. [email protected]

James Donald

Here is my email for a set of those files. Thank you. [email protected]

James Donald

I woul love to have a set of those files for referance.

Mike Johnson

Mr. Baker, I would love to get copies of the files for future reference and possible redistribution. Email [email protected]


Bill, don’t need you plans but I admire you for defying the government. Anything to throw a money wrench in their machinery and piss them off. I think we are just about all at the point that whatever the government is for, we are now against. If they don’t respect us, we don’t respect them. We are tired of lies and scams from our government.


I really like the,…”until further notice…” bullshit ! HBH

Bill Baker

Sent, but in case you’re not already aware. The files only work if you a)unzip them (extract) and b) have an auto-cad type program to use them and c) own a 3d printer. Got some wierd responses last night, just saying

Lucky Madsen

Mr. Baker,
I would also like a copy please- [email protected]


@ Bill Baker Please send me a copy copy Thanks

Kenneth Waggoner
bill wolfrum

Bill Baker can you please email me the files for the AR Mag and Liberator.

[email protected]

Thank you!

Molten Plastic

Cody and I discussed this exact circumstance when he viewed my 3d printed derringer on youtube.

My derringer pre-dates the liberator.

Bill Baker

So far I’ve sent those who requested it copies to the AR mag and the Liberator (the functional pistol) figuring those are the most sought after pieces. As of yet DefDist hadn’t fully completed the AR since the barrel itself was still metal, so those are the two popular files. And the Liberator is what got them shut down.


@Bill Baker, I want a copy of these plans please…[email protected]


Kenneth Patterson

[email protected]. please send me the plans/blue prints

ken patterson

@Bill Baker, I want a copy of these plans please…[email protected]

Bill Baker

@ Greg: Can’t send copy without an email address. I have discovered that there are currently 1500 torrent seeders if you torrent that have all the files available. So besides thousands of sites now offering the file for download, DefDist went down the other day due to bandwidth issues, so the files have been downloaded millions of times already. All this did was demonstrate that our government is tyrannical and will do things even if they have no law yet to make them illegal for you.

Greg Bellows

Send copy

Bill Baker

After reading this I emailed copies of the files to everyone I know, anyone wants a copy, put their email address in a post here.

Bill Baker

It’s too late, once on the internet it lives forever. Many people downloaded it just in case this happened, this will make people spread it quickly between themselves. Idiots, that was the whole point by DefDist