Velocitip System by Full Flight Technology, a New Archery Industry Standard

Velocitip System Docking-Station
Velocitip System Docking-Station
Full Flight Technology
Full Flight Technology

Cambridge, MA – -( The Velocitip System has become a critical tool and de facto industry standard for archery manufacturers who need know how their products perform in the real world.

From bows to arrows to rests and vanes, many of the top manufacturers in the industry are using the Velocitip System to test the results their products deliver downrange.

The Velocitip System is an electronic instrument that measures aerodynamic performance, essential to understanding and improving archery equipment performance. Now, for the first time, you can measure performance at the bow and at the target for each shot. A ruggedized 100-grain field point houses the innovative microelectronic technology that is the heart of the system. The electronic field point fits any arrow shaft using a conventional threaded insert. The electronics activate when the arrow leaves the bow and when it strikes the target, while measuring arrow performance more than 1000 times in between. The Velocitip System is a point-and-shoot instrument with no downrange setup and no lighting requirements, unlike a chronograph.

Take up to four shots and plug the field point into the docking station for immediate download and display. Clear the field point memory and shoot again. The system delivers incredible downrange performance because it records shots up to a full second in length. That’s over 70 yards downrange if you shoot a compound bow. Get results at 100+ yards for the fastest crossbows. The system provides complete ballistic performance data including precise trajectory, retained energy, speed, kinetic energy, momentum, time-of-flight and arrow drag. This is the information you need to deliver flat, consistent arrow flight, maximum accuracy and downrange force. The Velocitip System is the perfect performance-testing device for manufacturers, competitive shooters and bowhunters everywhere because it takes the guesswork out of equipment performance and bow tuning. The Velocitip System is the world’s first true electronic archery-tuning device.

Manufacturers in the archery industry spend countless hours testing their new equipment to make sure it measures up to their own expectations and to the high expectations of the public. The Velocitip System provides factual, reproducible data that manufacturers can rely on when testing equipment. Over the last year, more archery industry manufacturers, magazine editors, independent engineers and pro shops across the world are relying on the Velocitip System when they need to know the facts. Below is a sampling of what industry insiders are saying about the technology.

“The Velocitip from Full Flight Technology gives archers an in-depth look at the flight characteristics of their arrows. From shot to impact, the Velocitip gives archers the information they need to make effective and informed adjustments to their arrow flight. It is an invaluable last step in the bow-tuning process.”
~Rick Mowery, The Bohning Company.

“In this year’s test, we’re introducing two new performance metrics that we feel are destined to become industry standards: AD/40 which predicts arrow drop at 40 yards, and KE/20 which provides a true measurement of kinetic energy at a realistic hunting distance; in this case 20 yards. Both of these tests are possible because of the Velocitip System.”
~Dr. Todd Kuhn, Outdoor Life, Archery Field Editor, 2012 Bow Tests

“The functionality combined with a simple user interface make the Velocitip System a great tool for anyone testing archery equipment performance. Because so much useful information is precisely recorded for each shot, the system enables us to more quickly and easily identify those factors most important to improving arrow design and downrange performance.”
~Nick Meinert, R & D and Technical Support, Victory Archery.

Progress in the archery industry is technology driven. The Velocitip System is easy-to-use technology that gives users fast, precise data about equipment performance. Outdoor Life, Petersen’s Bowhunting and Field & Stream are among those already using Velocitip technology as the industry standard to test and compare manufacturers’ new equipment.

Use the Velocitip System to ensure that you and your customers are getting the most from their bow setup. Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer, pro shop, target archer or bowhunter, you can rely on the science behind the Velocitip technology to produce hard data that can be used to improve product design and help any archer improve their shooting ability.

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