Warren Ranch a Platinum Sponsor of the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt

pronghorn antelope
The Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt, held Oct. 3-6, 2013, will provide a guided antelope hunt for 50 women in northeast Wyoming.
Wyoming Women's One Shot Hunt
Wyoming Women's One Shot Hunt

LARAMIE, Wyo. – When Susan Samuelson heard about the www.wyomingwomensantelopehunt.org Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt</a> and that it would benefit the Wyoming Women’s Foundation, she immediately said “I’m in.”

The Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt, held Oct. 3-6, 2013, will provide a guided antelope hunt for 50 women in northeast Wyoming.

“When I heard about the hunt, I was struck by what a great idea it was,” Samuelson said. “This will benefit the women and girls of Wyoming while fostering something I think is extremely important — women’s mentorship.”

Samuelson is no stranger to the Wyoming Women’s Foundation.  She is one of its first donors and a member of the Fab 5, a group of five visionary women who jump-started the organization’s grant making endowment. Samuelson saw early on the needs and benefits of investing in women and girls.

“There are many paths to success for our young women, and the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt illustrates strong values for these young women,” Samuelson said.  “Hunting is part of Wyoming’s heritage and has a lot of meaning for people here.  This event will create opportunities to share the Women’s Foundation message and to create lasting relationships for those who participate.”

As ranchers, Samuelson and her husband Doug share a love of the land and the Wyoming way of life that goes back for generations. Samuelson’s sister Carol McMurry is also a partner in the Warren ranch and a supporter of the Wyoming Women’s Foundation. The family is only the third in history to own the ranch, which contains an agriculture easement.

“We are so happy and proud to have the Warren Ranch as a platinum sponsor,” said Richelle Keinath, executive director of the Wyoming Women’s Foundation. “We are thankful for Susan’s visionary support and commitment to the future of Wyoming’s women and girls.”

The Inaugural Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt
The Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt was developed by the Wyoming Women’s Foundation to promote women’s hunting and recreational activities on a national level and to support the organization’s mission of economic self-sufficiency for women across Wyoming. The hunt, which is the first event of its kind for women in the U.S., will take place at the historic Ucross Ranch in northeast Wyoming. It will include female hunters of all experience levels and will emphasize safe and responsible hunting.  To learn more about the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt, visit http://www.wyomingwomensantelopehunt.org/.

The Wyoming Women’s Foundation
The Wyoming Women’s Foundation invests in the economic self-sufficiency of women and the future of girls.  A component fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation, the WWF manages a permanent endowment that will ensure funding to enhance the lives of Wyoming women and girls for generations, makes grants to Wyoming organizations that help women and girls attain economic self-sufficiency, creates statewide awareness of barriers to economic self-sufficiency, and supports systematic change to eliminate those barriers.  For more information on Wyoming Women’s Foundation, visit: http://www.wywf.org/

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