Hunt Channel TV, Starting July 1 2013, Partners with Angel Two Network

Primetime gets covered in camouflage on Angel Two.

Angel Two Network partners with
Angel Two Network partners with
Hunt Channel TV
Hunt Channel TV..

Luverne, Al –-( airs programs that offer adventure, thrill, and excitement.

Buckhaven Outdoors features hunters who rely on their own skills and instincts to bring down big game.

Jim Miller takes us on a tour of the Americas as he pursues bow hunting adventures in Tex Mex Outdoors. Above the Game promises to deliver the most intense, high quality, passion-driven outdoor adventures with a team of highly-skilled hunters.

Host Bill Petrus takes viewers from gator hunting in Louisiana to Bull Elk hunting in the mountains of Colorado and everywhere else you can image in TP Outdoor Adventures.’s mission is to provide quality outdoor programming during Primetime. Outdoor programming from can be seen Monday through Thursday 7:00 pm ET to 11:00 pm ET and Sundays 6:00 pm ET to 8:00 pm ET. Special morning hours are Monday through Thursday 6:00 am ET to 8:00 am ET and Sundays 6:00 am ET to 9:00 am ET.

Gather up friends and family and tune in to Angel Two, channel 266, on DISH Network! To see all of our producers click,