Benghazi Inside Information…Impeachment ~ Video

Wild Bill for America
Wild Bill for America

Colorado –-( Congress is not asking the big questions…..Bill directs them to Obama.

About Wild Bill for America:
Bill grew up in the Colorado Rockies and had a successful career in law enforcement, serving as both a Deputy Sheriff and a Deputy U.S. Marshal. He is a graduate of the Colorado Law enforcement Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and the U.S. Marshal's Academy. Prior to law enforcement Bill served with the U.S. Marines as a Corpsman.

As a security specialist, Bill has tackled Islamic violence and intimidation head on, recruiting and training security teams to protect missionaries serving around the world. Having studied Islam intensely and seen how it operates first hand, Bill is well qualified to speak out about the dangers this religion presents.

As one of the first Tea Party members Bill continues his policy of speaking the truth boldly and encouraging others to do the same. Visit:

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    1. I truly believe that Obama, while sipping Chateau Lafite on our dime, had an enjoyable evening watching the plan he was responsible for come to fruition, with the murder of Americans. In my opinion he is complicit in murder and belongs in jail. By the way, if there is a list of these kinds of comments being kept by some “Kool Aid” drinker, I want to be at the top of the list. I hope all you jerks who voted for him are happy. You can atone by taking the house and senate away from him in the mid-terms.

    2. Great video. Well said. How did the “Situation Room” know when the attack would be over? Ponder this…

      1) Months prior to the Benghazi attack our President told Dr. Morsi (Egypt’s new dictator) and the Muslim Brotherhood that he hoped to find a way to release the Blind Sheik (who is imprisoned here for his involvement in the 1993 bombings at the World Trade Center).

      2) On September 12, 2012, Ambassador Stevens sent to Benghazi to have dinner at a weak CIA outpost with the Prime Minister of Turkey (a close friend to Obama and reportedly the first call our President made after confirming his reelection) who managed to exit the compound unharmed moments before the attack.

      3) As the assault began, all US military assets were told to stand down (possibly the first time in the history of the United States).

      4) The operator of the US surveillance drone sent to monitor the attack said the Situation Room in Washington only asked him to pay attention to the number of men that went into the compound and the number that came out.

      5) Although the perimeter of the Benghazi compound was set ablaze, Ambassador Stevens chose death over surrendering to his attackers. The attackers proceeded to bring the ambassador’s body to a nearby hospital in an attempt to revive him.

      Benghazi is not about the Talking Points. This smells of treason. Did this administration lure the Ambassador to Benghazi for a premeditated hostage scenario to barter the return of the Blind Sheik to the hands of radical Islam?

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