Bowjax Unveils New AR-15 Barrel Dampener

New AR-15 Barrel Dampener increases accuracy and reduces vibration.

Bowjax AR-15 Barrel Dampener
Bowjax AR-15 Barrel Dampener

Hayden, ID – Bowjax, the innovators of the most complete lineup of bow dampening and silencing systems is proud to release their new AR-15 Barrel Dampener, which reduces barrel whip and increases accuracy.

The AR-15 Barrel Dampener was developed to tighten groups, reduce barrel vibration and give shooters the ultimate edge in the field and on the range.

The BowJax Barrel Dampener can be installed in seconds and easy slip over the end of your rifle’s barrel for immediate results. The dampeners have an outside diameter of 1 7/8” and an inside diameter of ¾”. They fit ¾” gun barrels with the AR-15 shooter’s in mind. Proudly made in the USA.

Bowjax AR-15 Barrel Dampeners

  • Improves accuracy
  • Reduce vibration
  • Can be used on ¾” gun barrel rifle or larger
  • Weigh 170-grains
  • Purchased in a 3-pack (red or black dampeners)
  • MSRP: $9.99 for a package of 3

Independent test proves that the Bowjax AR-15 Barrel Dampeners reduce barrel vibration and shock, which leads to improved accuracy. Check out this revolutionary product here:

About Bowjax, Inc.
Bowjax, Inc is a premium supplier and innovator of one of the most complete lineups of bow dampener and silencer systems on the market. Bowjax offers dampeners for bow limbs, risers, stabilizers and cable guards, along with silencers for bowstrings and cables. For more information visit or call (208) 762-3692.

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is it garranted “bowjax”


THAT is a horrible color.