ConcealnCarry Network has Officially Launched

First All – In – One Directory Site for Firearms Industry Helps Manufacturers and Retailers Connect with Customers.

ConcealnCarry Network
ConcealnCarry Network
ConcealnCarry Network
ConcealnCarry Network

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“If you’re a firearms enthusiast like I am, you’ve probably been all over the web at one time looking for resources like “Where’s my closest gun range?” or “Where can I buy firearms and ammo?” How about finding a Gunsmith or taking a CCW or training class? Searching through everyone’s website can be tedious.” says company founder Chris Dixon.

Finally, the Firearms industry has a new FREE resource website. Our website is a directory of products and services for everything firearms related.

Do you want to find a training class near you? Our instructors have their classes listed by dates and times. We help you get connected with your instructor quickly and easily. Do you want to find a FFL dealer? We provide an up to date directory that makes it easy to find the right one near you. How about finding a Gunsmith? Accessories for your AR15? Nearest Shooting Range? Finally. The ConcealnCarry Network helps you find all of this on one site!

“Says Dixon … I created this site because as I grew more interested in the firearms industry I noticed that there wasn’t an easy way to find anything firearms related. The regular search engines could not easily help you find an open class near you and none of them gave you in-depth information about the firearms businesses. Currently anyone wanting to take a concealed carry class to get their CCW license had to do some internet searching to find a business close to them then make a lot of calls trying to find an open class when they want to attend. I decided to find a solution and that is where the ConcealednCarry Network idea came from.”

Marketing-Rich Features Help Bring Buyers and Sellers Together
Our listing members are manufacturers, firearms trainers, retail business owners, online accessory companies, gunsmiths, gun clubs owners and much more. They will benefit from a state-of-the-art marketing system that calls visitors needs to their attention.

Visitors simply use the interactive map or utilize our advanced search engine to find the service, product, or training class that you offer. We encourage visitors to rate the service and products you provide to give you important feedback.

LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFER: 50% Off first year membership on all premium plans and banner Ads. (offer ends Sep 30th, 2013)

Some of the features our site offers visitors:

Click to call

  • · Allows a visitor to click on a listing and upon entering in their phone number, they will make a call to the business they clicked on. This feature requires an affordable Twilio Account and only works in the US and Canada unless the account is activated.

Integrated mapping

  • · Business listings are tied to Google maps so that users can easily find where you’re located.

Advanced search features

  • · Search by any field includes searches by name, category, location, and up to 20 keywords.

Interactive features

  • · Standard implementation includes links to advertisers’ web sites, email addresses, and dynamic map to advertiser location.

Open text search

  • · You will have the most sophisticated tool for search as opposed to drop-down menus. You can type in exactly what you’re looking for.

Additional Enhanced features just for member subscribers:


  • · Pre-load the location of your visitors in there “where” search box of your directory.

Facebook Integrated

  • · Allow Users to share content thought Facebook, “Like” listings, and redeem and post Deals (coupons) on their wall.

Google +

  • · Integrate your site with Google + and have your visitors share listings with others

Email Monthly Statistics to Listing Owners

  • · Automatically email monthly stats to listing owners to show them how many times their ad was clicked and how many impressions it got in addition to other marketing analytics.
  • · Marketing and Behavior Statistics

Understand both marketing data as well as your listings behaviors by accessing our analytics. Use this data to determine how to best manage your listing.

Members can upload photos and graphics to their listings

  • · Display a graphic with each listing. Load a picture into the directory that will be displayed together with the listing information.

Online Sign-up

  • · Allows advertisers to add their listings online and have them appear in real-time.

Mobile Users Capability

  • · Our mobile feature empowers surfers to connect from their mobile device.

Open Text Search

  • · You will have the most sophisticated tool for your customers to use for search instead of drop-down menus, your readers can type in what they choose instead of fixed choices.

RSS Feeds

  • · Allow our readers to have timely updates from our site so that they can know all of the changes that are going on.

Search Engine Optimized

  • · SEO Friendly URLs, both for listings and for search queries, in addition to meta tag and keyword management, adding keywords to a description field for each category, as well as other factors that help boost your site’s search engine ranking.

Back Link Builder

  • · Listing owners can link back to their website and increase site visibility. If a listing owner links to their listing, our software will verify the link and increase the visibility of their listing. This automated feature helps increase your site’s SEO without emailing and calling businesses for back link requests.

Member companies can subscribe to one of three Business Listing then choose any one of the Event/Class and Classified Listings they wish to utilize. These membership plans will allow them to market their products and services in a customized, inexpensive way to attract business. The website is FREE for anyone to visit.

Business Listings Event/Class Listings Classified Listing

  • Silver – FREE Silver – $59 per year Silver – $59 per year
  • Gold – $99 per year Gold – $79 per year Gold – $79 per year
  • Platinum – $199 per year Platinum – $99 per year Platinum $99 per year
  • Articles listings – $30

Banner, feature, and other forms of Ads are available for purchase based on impressions. Prices will range from $3-$12 per 1000 impressions.

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For more information email Chris Dixon at [email protected] Visit: