Contact Governor Christie Tell Him To Sign the New Jersey Forest Stewardship Bill

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

TRENTON, NJ –-( As you know, the Forest Stewardship bill is now being considered by Governor Christie for his signature. It has taken nearly five (5) years to get this important conservation bill to the desk of the Governor.

The bill is a first step in improving the quality of forests, which has a direct impact on habitat health and therefore the health of plants, fish, and other forms of wildlife.

The Governor’s signature will make it law.

In fact, the loss or decline of certain plant species in New Jersey, as well as the near loss of northern quail, ruffed grouse, and red-headed woodpeckers is due partially to forest neglect or poor forest management practices.

The Forest Stewardship bill was created to help reverse the declining trend of forest health and lay the groundwork for those species of plants and animals that are on the decline to rebound.

Let Governor Chritie know you care about the future of plants, fish, and wildlife in New Jersey by asking him to sign the Forest Stewardship bill into law. A letter has been written for you. Go to the following link and add your name, etc. – then hit “send”. It’s that simple.


Please share this email with any interested party and ask that they send the letter to Governor Christie, too.

Thank you.

Anthony P. Mauro
Sr. Chairman,
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “We’ve got your back!”


NJOA – The mission of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is to serve as a grassroots coalition of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen dedicated to environmental stewardship. We will champion the intrinsic value of natural resource conservation – including fishing, hunting and trapping, among opinion leaders and policy makers. We will support legislation, and those sponsoring legislation, that provides lasting ecological and social enrichment through sustainable use of the earths resources. Visit:

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bill wolfe

can you shoot a plant or red headed woodpecker?


The NJOA should be also coaxing the hunting masses of New Jersey (this is a gunsite here, isn’t it?) to also call the Governor and have him veto the egregious anti-gun bills that the State Senate is churning out for his signature. Or, there will come a day in New Jersey when outdoorsman are hunting with sticks and rocks!