Dolio Repeats As Mass. IDPA Stock Service Pistol State Champ

David Dolio
Dolio Repeats As Mass. IDPA Stock Service Pistol State Champ
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BERRYVILLE, Ark. –-( With the third overall best time, David Dolio defended his 2012 championship run winning the Stock Service Pistol division title this past weekend at the 17th Annual Massachusetts State IDPA Championship, presented by Smith & Wesson.

Despite winning just one of the 10 stages, Dolio managed to outpace the competition with a final time of 196.43 seconds and 53 points down.

Finishing immediately behind Dolio for the second year in a row was Ed Stettmeier as first Master and High Military with 214.48 (78) and four stage wins. Third place went to Bill Desmond, first Expert, with 221.20 (74) and two stage wins.

Rounding out the top five were David Bold, second Master, with 222.42 (77) and Frank Scahill, third Master, with 226.95 (69) and one stage win.

Elsewhere in the division, Justin DeMayo took first Sharpshooter with a time of 249.39 seconds and 103 points down. Woods Wannamaker finished first Marksman with 306.59 (94) while Kristin Brickel took first Novice with 474.38 (185).

Complete, searchable match results can be found online at

Held Saturday and Sunday, June 1-2, at the Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford located in North Dartmouth, the International Defensive Pistol Association’s (IDPA) state championship match drew 120 top shooters.

For more information on IDPA, the 17th Annual Massachusetts State IDPA Championship presented by Smith & Wesson, or to join the more than 22,000 members competing each week all across America, visit

You can further connect with the IDPA community through IDPA’s social media, such as @OfficialIDPA on Twitter and ShootIDPA on FacebookInstagramPinterest and Tumblr, or check for regular news and updates on the organization’s DOWN ZERO Blog.

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After reading on , I realize DOLIO isn’t the only one , their are many , which just makes my point for me . WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE ! ONLY PATRONIZE OUR ALLIES , YOU ARE ALL LIKE THE COMMUNISTS THAT HAVE TAKEN OVER OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT .


I am really irritated by the firearms community and am about to drop out . There should be NO firearms , accessories , or ammunition produced in any ant-gun state or region , there should be NO comptetitive shooters in ANY shooting competition from ant-gun states or region . NONE , NEVER , if we don’t make a price to be paid for this garbage we will NEVER win out . There HAS to be a price for not supporting the second amendment . DOLIO is a perfect example of a coward that won’t fight for his rights at home… Read more »