Forget Gold, Invest in Ammo, 22LR Up More Than 400%

$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo
$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( While many individuals have looked at precious metals for moderate gains and even some losses over the last year, the combination of base metals like lead and brass have seen an incredible return–particularly when those base metals are combined to form .22 ammunition.

Think about it–from one year ago until now, .22 ammunition is up over 400%. It was approximately $21 to $23 per 500 rounds in May 2012, and it’s now $100 to $135 for 500 rounds.

.22 ammunition has been easy to find and cheap to buy for decades. For this reason, .22 rifles and pistols have long been among some of most popular firearms in America. In fact, the first gun I ever shot was my dad’s High Standard Double Nine .22 revolver and the first firearm I owned was a Marlin model 60 .22 rifle.

But following Obama’s re-election,there arose a sense of uncertainty among gun owners. And this lead to moderate runs on ammo. Then President Obama and other gun control advocates came out in force following the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, and .22 ammunition was literally sucked off the shelves.

Not only is it now 400% higher than it was a year ago, but it’s so scarce that when stores get a shipment of it they typically limit sales to one or two 50 round boxes per customer. And buying a full brick of 500 rounds anywhere but online is almost unheard of.

Historically precious metals have been a great hedge in uncertain economic times. But lead and brass may be making a comeback.

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Bill Butler

Companies like Cheaper-Than-Dirt and those crooks that re-sell Walmart ammo at gun shows should be boycotted. Beat them at their own game, go talk to the sporting dept. employees at Walmart and find out when they will expect ammo. They can access that information off of their pricing gun, it tells what is on the truck, in the warehouse etc. Go there early and buy before the crooks get theirs. Quantities and calibers vary dailey but it can be done. @Someone: resorting to name calling is childish. This is not about drug prices, but ammo scams and prices. As you… Read more »

Bill Butler

Let’s start a campaign nation-wide: Do Not Buy From Scalpers! Those crooks at gun shows and companies like Cheaper-Than-Dirt do not desearve our hard earned money. Let them keep their ammo.


You people are pathetic. I’ll bet you espouse the perfection of the Free Market in answer to the largesse of Government. Yet, this is the Free Market. Go ahead and take a look at the drug market. Google Doxycycline Hydrate 100mg caps. A bottle of 500 went from $40 to $3,000 overnight. Why? Because they can. The man you should be championing is Teddy Roosevelt who told companies who did this to go f*ck themselves. But, go ahead and blame Obama. That works for you in your myopic world. I’m a gun owner who voted for Obama, why? Because Congress… Read more »

kenneth risner

you are ignorant

farm 1066

all theese dealers that are jacking prices are just playing into the hands of the gun grabbers as the gun grabbers are on record wanting to make it so that most people cannot afford to own or shoot what they own if any thing limit purchaces and lower prices


I wont do business with Expensive as hell better known as cheaper than dirt. As for ammo, glad I got what I need before this bs started.

Uncle Lar

Current pricing and scarcity is the result of fear and greed. Fear rises and falls with the winds. Greed we will always have with us. That said, we are already seeing the price of AR style rifles come back down to nearly pre panic levels. Centerfire ammo is relatively plentiful if still a bit elevated in price. The rimfire situation is primarily an economic issue. Folks shoot .22 when center fire is too dear or unavailable. They’re also much more likely to salt away a few bricks of .22 than case lots of big bore rounds. At least for casual… Read more »


noticed super colibri brick on CTD is $50 ….couple years ago (pre obama) it was $25 and I wouldn’t pay that. Instead of taking this issue into their own hands with a DIY solution (many, several), everyone wants to sit it out assuming this is still America and hope obama is replaced by quality..

George Ateek

Try Cabelas. On 5/26/13 I purchased a brick of Remington .22LR,for $23.99 plus tax , at the Cabelas in Hamburg,PA.They limit the amount that you may purchase and sell out quickly.


To get a brick of .22 I had to pay near 50 bucks with shipping online. I had to wait a long time to find it too.

Mike the Limey

I bought two 55o round boxes at the NRAWC three weeks ago for $23 a box.

Bill Baker

@Hardcase: I think we are lucky, I live in southeast Idaho, I see .223 and 22 for sale in the locals for near pre-freakout prices. Hell, I even saw an M4 sitting lonely in the case at wal mart the other day, for maybe $10 more than I paid for a bushmaster a couple years ago.

Jim Stone

Shooting is my avocation, not my livelihood. I won’t pay the high prices or fight to get ammo. I switched to high power air guns for target practice. Or use my Mosin 9130 which I have a lot of ammo and its still pretty reasonable. Thom is right, don’t buy it. It would only take about 3 months of nobody buying to lower prices.

TSgt B

If you talk nice to the sporting goods folks at WalMart, I’ve found they’ll let you know when and what they’re getting on a daily basis. WalMart has not raised their prices, either. I’ve been able to accumulate several thousand rounds of various calibers over the last several months. Just bought 3, 325 round boxes of Federal .22 for $43.74. That’s 975 rounds, .04 per round.


Bricks of .22 ammo are selling for around $40 in my neck of the woods (Southwest Idaho). Supply is tight and being rationed, but it’s available.

Somebody might be asking $135 for 500 rounds, but I’ll bet that they’re not selling for $135.


Midway is honest… have to get on their notification list… 1st come 1st served & has a box limit to be fair to everyone… just bought another brick of Federal Auto Match from them for the exorbitant price of $14.99 lol… availability isn’t what it was before the Obama Coup of 2012 but will have to do for now… AMMO = the new currency… U.S. Dollars = toilet paper… 🙂

Thom Paine

.22 ammunition is only priced like that by profiteers. Cheaper than Dirt being a good example. I will NEVER do business with any who artificially inflate prices like this again. I have told CTD for example to keep their catalog as I will not have it in my house. I understand supply and demand as well as the need to be able to restock. Ive been in this industry for decades… However we can put an end to this in short order if we refuse to pay such unreasonable prices. Let them choke on it..