Giant Wolf Chases Motorcycle

Giant Wolf Chases Motorcycle
Giant Wolf Chases Motorcycle
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Manasquan, NJ –-( Last Saturday, Tim Bartlett, a motorcyclist from Alberta, Canada, was chased for over a mile by a wolf while he roared down British Columbia’s highway 93.

The wolf, which Bartlett said was “the biggest dog” he’d ever seen, kept pace with the machine, at times reaching 40 mph, and came within feet of the man.

In an interview with the National Post, Bartlett said:

“When [the wolf] heard me coming, it jumped back over a [roadside] barrier and it started running. I sped up a little bit, it got in nice and close and I was driving with my right hand and clicking pictures with my left. When I first came back around, it came in really close; probably a bit too close. It would have been a real bad time to run out of gas.”

Perhaps the wolf was furious over the sound of traffic blaring through his forest or was just looking for a little sport.

“I don’t think it was after me, it was probably after the bike. That’s just the way I felt; I could have been wrong, I’m no wolf expert,” Bartlett said, adding, “Even over the motor, I could hear it. I could hear its feet on the road.”

While wolf attacks on humans are very rare, wolf attacks on motorcycles are unheard of. Perhaps this apex predator was just making sure that bipeds and their machines don’t get too comfortable in wolf country.

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eugene caleris

it almost looked like the wolf has a collar on.

Lt Dan

Maybe the wolves will start keeping bicyclists and hitchhikers off the roads. LOL

Deanne McKinney

My dog once bit the rider of a motorcyle when he went past our house. I think it was something to chase and the noise.


And a dog chasing a motorcycle is news? My shepard even had that same silly grin when he chased them.


seeing additional pics of this episode on another site, a couple of days ago, it looks like the wolf was playing with the biker, not seriously chasing him.


Then again, they have chased me down the road, many times.




Couple three of those would make a nice warm winter coat.


Not a bad looking WOLF as wolves go, call it nutty but it almost looks like the critter was just having a little fun chasing the bike, you can almost see a smile on the wolves face.