Joe Biden Schedules First Gun Control Talk Trying to Restoke Gun Control Fires

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On June 18 2013, Vice President Joe Biden will be holding an event to “tout the administration’s progress in combating gun violence.”

Politico reports the event will be framed around “President Obama’s plan to protect our children and communities by reducing gun violence.” (read; taking guns from you and me)

This will mark the first time either Biden or President Obama have “held a public event on gun control” since a Senate bill pushing background checks for private gun sales went down in flames in mid-April.

During the White House’s campaign for that gun control legislation, Biden tried to dissuade homeowners from buying AR-15s by talking about how much easier it is to aim with a shotgun versus an “assault rifle.”

He also touted the benefits of firing two shotgun blasts into the air to scare off intruders. He said you can “just fire the shotgun through the door” to keep people away from your house, if need be.

At least one person–a 22 year old Virginia Beach resident–was arrested for taking Biden’s advice about firing a shotgun through the door.

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Bill Butler

Uncle Joe is my Hero! Every time he opens his mouth he seems to put his foot in first. He has to have the cleanest feet in the world. I wonder if Uncle Joe has checked with that Pistorius fellow, in South Africa? Didn’t he “just shoot through the door”? How did that work out anyway? Even on the 4th of July, “a couple blasts off the porch” could solve the gun ban problem for you. After the arrest and trial you won’t have a problem buying a gun. You just will have a hard time passing NICS checks. So,… Read more »


There is no such thing as “gun violence”, it’s called Violent Crime and we need to punish ALL Violent Criminals, and we should Register All of the Violent Criminals. We know that they don’t care about Violent Crime, they just want to control and dominate us.


If they put the word stupid in the dicinnary Biden’s picture would be next to it. That would apply to lazy,useless and arragent. If it wasn’t for politics Biden would starve.


Biden thinks if he shouts loudly enough, like Hillary, he can get lawmakers to vote his way. He ranted about other lawmakers listening to first time lawmakers on gun issues. He has not even noticed that Obama, his boss, was a neebie lawmaker. Once again, he has opened mouth and inserted his ass. This guy does not have a clue on anything.


What a flaming azzh*le. A total national embaressment and a tantamount disgrace to Catholics everywhere. Give it up Joe, we won’t let it happen. Go do your real job whatever that is in this unholy administration. Yes NSA, it’s me.


What a flaming assh*le. A total national embaressment and a tantamount disgrace to Catholics everywhere. Give it up Joe, we won’t let it happen. Yes NSA, it’s me.

Mr Mark

The Obama administration has had zero “progress in combating gun violence.”
They have only imposed “gun control” on law abiding citizens.


Oh he made a gun sign with his hand. Smack him throw him in jail. It just amazes me that we can get someone so ignorant in such a high place. Just what does that say for the intelligence of the people of this country? Wake up America the beast is upon you. And dumb joe is part of it.

Mike Prato

Of course they are using our tax dollars to bring the Sandy Hook families back to Washington to use as a back drop!

John Carr

Wouldn’t you think Biden along with the rest of those idiots would have something better to do than try destroying our rights.


This so called man is a complete, blithering idiot and is a sad example of a public servant.

Leo Smith

I wish Biden would just go away. He has nothing to offer this country anymore. Anybody from Delaware knows he was a no show politician who had his bills paid by DUPONT. That is why his head is so far up Obamas ass.


Hey joe do our country and yourself a favor STFU