More HOT MIC Comments from NJ Democrat’s War on Guns – NJ2AS Twitter

Democrats War on Guns
Democrats War on Guns
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-( Well, our NJ Legislature has been caught, once again, on an open microphone.

This time they get flustered when they don’t have the votes to pass S2723, the FID bill.

What comes next is disgusting, but not shocking. Time to bomb Twitter with the following Tweets. Let’s make the whole country aware of what we have to deal with in our NJ Legislature. Just copy and paste these Tweets throughout the day, until further notice.

More NJ Hot Mic fun when gun grabbers realize they don’t have the votes to pass #NewNJGunLaw  #NJ2AS #2A
NJ Legislature caught again on open mic  Don’t have the votes? Just change the rules! #NJ2AS #2A
How do @LouGreenwald @njassemblydems act? Listen 2 open mic – they don’t have votes so they change the rules  #NJ2AS
NJ Open Mic Alert! @NJassemblydems change rules once they find out they don’t have the votes 4 gun law  #NJ2AS #2A
Listen to @njassemblydems change the rules & shred the law when they don’t have enough votes on gun bill #NJ2AS #2A
OOPS! @njassemblydems caught on HOT MIC trashing rule of law when they don’t have enough votes for gun bill #NJ2AS

Please add this to your current Twitter rotation, which should include the #FixTheNICS and the @GovChristie Tweets. Just concentrate on these three issues right now, everything else should be stopped. If you are using an automatic Tweeting application, please make sure only these 3 issues are being sent.

On the same issue, we are looking for some Macintosh users to Beta Test our new Twitter Auto Pilot application. If you are a Mac user, and you would like to help us get this software into everyone’s hands faster, please email me. Thanks in advance for all of your help. Everyone has been doing a great job, keep it up! Keep RTing any #NJ2AS Tweets you find in your feed. PLEASE, make absolutely sure you RT the Hot Mic Tweets from both of my 2 accounts, @HindaRifka & @Free_NJ. I have these Tweets placed inside the NJ Assembly Democrat’s Twitter Feed and we need those comments to pack the most punch! DO NOT do what I am doing by placing Tweets inside accounts as replies. You have a very big chance of being suspended! Let me take that heat, not you.

As always, questions, comments, any issues, just email me at any time.

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