Nosler Ammunition Acquires Silver State Armory

Silver State Armory
Nosler Ammunition Acquires Silver State Armory
Nosler Ammunition
Nosler Ammunition

Bend, Ore. – -( Continuing its strategy of delivering exceptional products for the shooting sports, Nosler, Inc. has finalized the acquisition of Silver State Armory (SSA).

The addition of SSA’s products and manufacturing capacity is an important step toward Nosler’s goal of providing customers with a reliable source for high demand ammunition products.

“The Silver State acquisition provides a strategic opportunity for Nosler to increase capacity at this unique time in the history of our industry.” – Bob Nosler President/CEO, Nosler, Inc.

About SSA:
Located in Packwood, Washington, Silver State Armory customers include law enforcement, security agencies, hunters and military forces. Company strengths include manufacturing ammunition and component brass for the 6.8 SPC, 5.56 NATO and 7.62×51 NATO.

In March of 2012, Nosler became ISO 9001:2008 certified. ISO Certification provides objective confirmation that the Nosler reputation for quality and consistency can be continually relied upon by distributors, dealers, and customers. At SSA, this same diligent commitment to quality and consistency will be practiced under the direction of Nosler Vice President, Greg Hawley, along with former owners, Art Kalwas and Jeff Kannada.

Founded in 1948, Nosler, Incorporated is a family-owned company located in Bend, Oregon. Nosler is best known for revolutionizing big game hunting with its world famous Partition and Ballistic Tip bullets. With the company motto “Quality First,” Nosler manufactures premium component bullets, brass, ammunition, and semi-custom rifles for domestic and international customers.

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I only bought 3 boxes of SSA 5.56×45 w/62 grnTSX bullets…I should have purchased more. My CORE XIV. W/16″ barrel is putting them in less than a 1/2″ GROUPS 100 yds, with a SIGHT MARK red dot…(that rifle in 1/7 loves 62 – 77 gn bullets equally).. I’ve put the 55 gr version in big doe an all the insides slid out together When I unzipped her. The same happened with a 4 yr old buck on the last day of gun season last year. Anyone seen how the the 62 performs?

Bob Atom

I recently purchased some SSA ammo from CTD…what garbage! Out 5 boxes, all 5 had rounds of varying length, misshapen tips, many rounds were definitely set back too far into the brass. I sent them back directly to Nosler. I am awaiting the delivery of my replacement cartridges. After reading this, I wish I could have asked for my money back. It will be quite a while before I order from the again. Need to see a long track record of quality control.


I really miss SSA ammo. On rare occasions Nosler makes a small quantity, or if they don’t make it they find it somewhere, then sell it out and shut things down. It’s extremely disappointing. I loved dealing with SSA, they were customer focuses. Nosler apparently feels that everything that SSA did, at least in regards to the 6.8 SPC loads, is below them or something. The discontinued and will not ever again make the “Tac Loads” that SSA sold, which I loved. I could order in quantity under the SSA banner and get ammo quickly. With Nosler I’m lucky if… Read more »


Around November 2014, I bought over $14,000 of ammunition, 12 cases of Silver State Armory ammo. The 6.8 SPC 85 grain SCHP is 500 ft./s under advertise velocity with current muzzle velocity averaging 2550. The 6.8 110 grain TSX is at least 300 feet below advertise velocity at 2200 ft./s. I’m running an LWRC with 14.7 inch barrel. I spent well over $14,000 on low velocity ammo — I got burned bad by SSA and Nosler. Imagine investing well over $14,000 on a lifetime supply of hunting and defense ammo only to find out you got junk!!


SSA operated out of a small section of a business Park in Packwood initially. You could buy ammo out of their office there, when they had it. Packwood is in a very economically depressed area. Logging industry has taken a nose dive and the Forest Service used to employ hundreds of people in the area; now it’s just a small number of employees. SSA had built a much larger facility (something like 20,000 square feet) and had expanded production to several shifts and had hired something like 40 more local people. The expansion was done with ARRA money, to help… Read more »

Ken Kelley

I been using SSA .308 150 gr Nosler Accubond ammo for whitetail for 2 seasons now, and have taken 2 respectful WNY bucks. One at 150 and the other at 210 yrs. And dropped both in there tracks. Ultimately the best ammo I have ever used. But now I am having trouble finding it, please help.

Neal Scherm

I have lots of PRE Nosler Silver State ammo


Do you have any of the SSA 175gr OTM in 7.62×51


I bought stag arms prohunter in 6.8 spc specifically shoot ssa 85gr tsx load in my 21.77″ barrel it chronographed at 3200 mvl very little drop to 300yds I dont think hornady can match it I’m sick about it all.


Typical Corp America at work…this is what those dogs do, take and assets and fire and screw the staff of the outfit…very SAD and disgusting actually.


I hear a lot of anecdotal talk about Nosler shutting down SSA but does anyone know why they did? Was SSA profitable? Maybe they were losing money and were going out of business anyway. Maybe they were starting to have quality problems of their own. Did anyone from SSA move over to Nosler? All I saw was Gary saying that as far as he has heard “…none of the plant personnel were offered employment with Nosler.” Well, since Gary hasnt heard it then it must be true. Gary also tells us that Nosler “seized all of the equipment”. Thats ridiculous.… Read more »

Gary Brugger

Totally agree on boycotting Nosler and will pas the word.
The holding company that owns Remington made the decision to move Marlin. At least they realized they made a mistake and could not put out junk with the Marlin label. I read that key people were brought to NY and all new machining and assembly equipment acquired. I just bought a 336 XLR and the machining is flawless and the action tight and smooth.

James Peterson

Nosler just lost a customer. Its wrong what they did and from comments quality took a nose dive. I was just about to buy another AR in 6.8 but with SSA gone I will look elsewhere. Sounds like remington when they bought Marlin.


I myself truly enjoyed stopping into the SSA facility and chatting with the glas. Ive bought a ton of 6.8 ammo for my RRA Carbine. I have a couple ARs and its my favorite. I find it in very poor taste that Nosler closed the plant and let those employees go. Just moving the plant and closing SSA was bad enough in my opinion…I do reload and my primary bullet of choice is the Nosler E bullet, and Accubond as well. Like I said, I don’t think what Nosler did was right letting those people go and moving the SSA… Read more »


I just purchased one thousand rounds of SSA in 308 took three boxes to range and eighteen out of the first twenty rounds all caseings split ill never put another one of these rounds thru any of my rifles again not impressed at all.


I had a feeling that Nosler was shutting off the SSA 6.8 115gr ammo when it was not found in listings lately. Darn shame since it is the best grouping round in my RRA upper so far. It does sound like another corporate raiding episode. And yes, small primer pockets anyday.

P&J Arms

The SSA 6.8 SPC brass holds up well under high pressure loads. The main advantage the SSA brass has over the Remington brass is the Small Primer Pockets.


I have some 6.8 spc 110gr nosler ssa ammo can I shoot in in my 6.8 ruger ranch rifle.


FYI there is no longer a Silver State Armory. Nosler acquired Silver State Armory, in Packwood, WA, or they became business partners of some sort. Well, a little over a year later Nosler shutdown the production line in Packwood, WA and took all of their manufacturing equipment to Bend, OR. Apparently the hold the legal right to sell “SSA” brand ammo, but it is NOT made by Silver State Armory. I’d become a fan of Silver State’s 5.56mm ammo, and had excellent accuracy with it. After Nosler’s takeover, I experienced several flanged primers with darkened firing pin strikes, probably almost… Read more »

Pete Rivas

let’s keep the outstanding quality, availability and cost as it is today and I’l be your customer for life….

Lucky F.

I have switched over to Nosler not long after they came out with the Combined Tech. Bullets ! went out west for antelope shot a doe at 242 yds with a 70 grn. Ballistic Tip Bullet from a Rem. 700 243 Cal.


I need more 6.8 SPC SSA brass with small primer pockets. Better accuracy than large primer REM brass.


Super Happy about this. Now start punching out Nosler 6.8 brass with large primer pockets!! 🙂 Nosler custom comp bullets are top notch as well as your .300 brass, thank you for such good quality all these years.

P&J Arms

The last thing you want is Nosler to do is change the 6.8 SPC brass to Large Primer Pockets. It does not hold up to high pressure loads. If you want large primer pockets, buy the Remington brass.


SSA ammo is top notch stuff. I used it last season white tail hunting with my AR-15. 2 shots with the 70 grain barnes load dropped a 150lbs buck while he was running at 75 yards or so and he bled out fairly quick. The Nosler acquisition just makes me even more happy to be a customer. Awesome.