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Realtree Nursery Chestnut Magic
Realtree Nursery Chestnut Magic
Realtree Nursery
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COLUMBUS, Georgia –-( Harness the monster-buck-attracting power of chestnuts with the revolutionary new attractant from Chestnut Hill Outdoors and the Realtree Nursery – Chestnut Magic: The Ultimate Deer Attractant.

This attractant will not only attract deer by the droves, but it will keep them coming back for more.

Before the chestnut blight that wiped out the American chestnut in the early 1900s, deer, along with turkeys, bears and other wildlife, sought out chestnuts as a primary mast source. For thousands of years, wildlife was evolutionarily programmed to eat chestnuts. Since the blight, game has had to substitute acorns as a mast source. But with the reintroduction of the chestnut, especially Realtree Nursery's Dunstan chestnut, deer and other game have switched back to preferring chestnuts, and will choose chestnuts 100:1 over acorns, according to a study conducted by Dr. James Kroll, “Dr. Deer.”

“The wild deer at Whitetail Research Institute got on the chestnuts in only an hour, even though they had never seen a chestnut before, ever,” said Kroll. “They ate the chestnuts 100:1 over acorns. Chestnuts are the primary mast source for deer.”

Not only are chestnuts more nutritious than acorns, with 2X more protein and 4X more carbohydrates, but deer and other wildlife crave the sweet taste of chestnuts over the bitter taste of acorns. Combine that with nutrient-packed grains and game will seek out chestnuts, just like magic. Chestnut Magic attractant is a mix of fresh and dried, naturally sweet Dunstan chestnuts and a blend of grains and nutrients.

Chestnut Magic works anywhere you hunt – on public land, leased land or your own. It has been tested successfully in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia – this covers most of the climates in the U.S., meaning it will work everywhere! Pour Chestnut Magic in small strips or large piles where you want to attract deer. It will work in wet or dry conditions, and will release an irresistible sweet-smelling aroma.

Why wait for your chestnut trees to produce? Give those big bucks what they want now. Grab a 5-pound bag of Chestnut Magic, the Ultimate Deer Attractant, while you can, and watch as deer flock to your land, like magic!.

For more information, visit online at, or by calling toll-free 1-855-386-7826.

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