Santa Fe, NM City Council Votes Down Gun Magazine Ban On A 6-2 Vote


Charlotte, NC –-(  Last night, citing concerns about enforceability and the potential for a lawsuit based on a violation of the firearms preemption clause in the state constitution, the Santa Fe City Council defeated Bill 2013-27.

If enacted, this local ordinance would have outlawed the future possession, sale or transfer of standard capacity magazines that are compatible with commonly-owned self-defense pistols and rifles used by recreational and competitive shooters.

Opponents testifying against this proposed ordinance outnumbered supporters by more than 2-1.  They included NRA members, representatives from the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association and the New Mexico Gun Owners Association, concealed handgun instructors and permit holders, industry representatives from The Outdoorsman of Santa Fe (which closed early so that employees and customers could attend the hearing), state and local Republican party officials, art gallery owners, lab workers with high-level security clearances, local realtors and our honored veterans.  Santa Fe prides itself on diversity, and the pro-Second Amendment witnesses who attended last night’s hearing represented a cross-section of city residents and concerned citizens from outlying areas.

Voting AGAINST this proposed ordinance were city councilors Bill Dimas, Carmichael Dominguez, Peter Ives, Christopher Rivera, Ronald Trujillo and Rebecca Wurzburger.  Voting FOR this flawed proposal were city councilors Patti Bushee and Chris Calvert.  Please contact the six city councilors who voted against this measure and thank them for respecting the state constitution and recognizing the unenforceability of this misguided ordinance.  Their contact information is provided below.

Several city councilors called on the New Mexico Legislature to act on this issue.  You may recall from previous NRA-ILA alerts that a similar bill (House Bill 402 by anti-gun state Representative Stephen Easley, D-Eldorado) was just narrowly defeated in committee during the sixty-day legislative session at the Roundhouse this year.  You can be sure this measure will re-surface in the future at the state level, so New Mexico gun owners and sportsmen need to continue to stand guard against this attack on our Second Amendment rights in the Land of Enchantment.


Santa Fe City Council:

Pattie Bushee

District 1


[email protected]

Webpage:  Councilor Bushee

Chris Calvert

District 1


[email protected]

Webpage: Councilor Calvert

Peter N. Ives

District 2


[email protected]

Webpage: Councilor Ives

Rebecca Wurzburger

District 2 and Mayor Pro Tem

[email protected]

Webpage: Councilor Wurzburger

Carmichael Dominguez

District 3

(505) 955-6814

[email protected]

Webpage: Councilor Dominguez

Christopher Rivera

District 3

(505) 955-6818

[email protected]

Webpage: Councilor Rivera

Bill Dimas

District 4


[email protected]

Webpage: Councilor Dimas

Ronald S. Trujillo

District 4


[email protected]

Webpage: Councilor Trujillo

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Bill Butler

Please put the addresses of the two that voted for this garbage rule, so they may be chastised for their poor judgement. Perhaps a recall is in order?