The Most Explosive Airgunner Challenge Ever

American Airgunner
American Airgunner

FORT SMITH, AR –-(  American Airgunner TV, title sponsored by Umarex USA and Pyramyd Air, will be airing the most explosive Airgunner Challenge ever seen on television.

Over a 13-week period beginning July 3rd 2013 on the Pursuit Channel and online via, you’ll witness six contestants from five different states strategizing on how to shoot a variety of airguns with the goal of winning a $5000 cash prize from Umarex USA.

Competitors kick off the the first challenge with three different airguns—a Beretta M92 pellet pistol, a .22 caliber Ruger Air Magnum air rifle, and a .25 caliber Evanix Bullpup Rainstorm. Their first targets will immediately challenge their skills with custom knock-downs, breakables, and an explosive cannon. The show’s sponsors provide different airguns for each week’s challenge and producers come up with a variety of targets as the field of six is narrowed to two over the course of the season for an explosive finale like never before seen on American Airgunner.

“I had the time of my life getting to shoot so many different types of airguns and targets,” said competitor Chris Martin.

The six contestants—Amanda Smith, Bob Davy, Chris Martin, Jason Baggett, Mike Suchman, and Tristan Overgaard—come from five different states: Arkansas, California, Michigan, Missouri, and Wyoming. These shooters bring skills and backgrounds that vary widely: retired military and police, self-taught airgunners, leisure shooters, and a professional competitive fisherman.

Mike (the Sarge) Suchman just wants “trigger time” and has a personality as big as his 6-foot plus frame. Tristan AKA Mr. Loco might spend his spare time rapping in California but the kid can shoot. Don’t let Amanda’s sweet look fool you. This gal is from the south and she doesn’t just shoot cans—from working on Chevys as a kid with her pop in Arkansas she quickly shifted gears from twisting wrenches to twisting heads while hunting, fishing, and shooting every type of gun she could get her hands on. Bob is a guy that’s quiet and listens more than he talks. He has a strategy formed from years of being in a police department and uses that to his advantage. Chris is a young gun from Wyoming who continued honing his shooting skills following his military tour. Private ranges and hunting in the Northwest have made him a formidable contender and Jason’s competitive nature on the bass fishing circuit transcends to the range. These contestants were hand-picked for their shooting talents, but their personalities just might steal the show. Well that is if they can outperform the show’s host, Rossi Morreale, who’s not such a bad shot himself and has hosted shows such as Junkyard Megawars and Belly of the Beast.

American Airgunner is the first and only show all about airguns to air on television in North America. The 2013 season begins airing the first week of July on the Pursuit Channel, which is available to all DISH Network and DIRECTV subscribers as part of their basic packages. American Airgunner can also be viewed online via during its regularly scheduled air times—Friday Primetime 8:30 PM EST, Wednesdays 4:30 PM EST and Fridays 1:30 AM EST.

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