The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Celebrates 30 Years of Service to First Responders and Tactical Officers

Founded in 1983 on a mission to provide leading-edge information to first responders and special operations units nationwide, the NTOA looks future-forward with more specialized training and increased member benefits.


National Tactical Officers AssociationDoylestown, PA (June 2013) – The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) celebrates 30 years in July 2013 as the leading non-profit law enforcement organization providing unsurpassed education and training to patrol officers and special operations units nationwide. Founded by Lt. John Kolman of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department in 1983, the newly launched National Tactical Officers Association was quickly accepted by the police community across the country. Finally, critical information from police operations, negotiation tactics, and high risk operations to community and media management were resourced in one central location.Patrol Cop

Today, the NTOA proudly boasts a growing membership, active in the education and training programs provided by the association and their cadre of highly-skilled instructors. NTOA members include not only tactical officers but crisis negotiators, patrol officers, bomb technicians, corrections officers and tactical medical support personnel. As the challenges posed by modern threats increase, so do the services provided by NTOA for all personnel who work in today’s high-risk environments.

The NTOA’s Tactical Operations Conference & Trade Show, to be held Sept. 22 – 27, 2013 at the Kansas City Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, will also provide an opportunity for members, old and new, to reconnect, enhance a skill set or see the latest in technology and police equipment available today.

An NTOA membership includes a multitude of benefits including access to their renowned journal, The Tactical Edge, file sharing, secure online discussion forums, tuition discounts, grants, educational scholarships, joint membership programs with state and other associations, intelligence reports, testing and evaluating manufacturers’ products under the esteemed NTOA Members Tested and Recommended Program and access to the leading instructors across the country.

NTOA has recently added free Webinars and product discount programs through companies like to their wide array of member benefits. Also, in a strategic partnership with, NTOA members now have free, unlimited access to the site’s collection of news, videos, and resources and will receive exclusive discounts for the PoliceOne Academy.

As the demands on law enforcement personnel continue to evolve, the NTOA stands committed to be the go-to organization where members receive personal, quality education, training and opportunities.

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About the National Tactical Officers Association:

The National Tactical Officers Association operates with Veritas – truth, honesty and integrity – in all our relationships.




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    1. I agree with Buck 100 percent. Even the small police departments all over the country are stocking up on military items. It does make you think.

    2. I am not appreciative nor comfortable with these police tactical units . Far too many of them act like wannabe seals and special forces , with NO regard to the rights of CITIZENS . They should ALL be REQUIRED to be members of OATHKEEPERS and extremely well versed in the Constitution and the bill of rights .

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