Ultimate Shotgun Training Tool – the LaserLyte Universal Shotgun Trainer LT-120

LaserLyte Introduces Their First Shotgun Laser Training System; Improves Practice with Sporting and Self-Defense Shotguns.


COTTONWOOD, AZLaserLyte, innovators in firearms laser technologies, have released their first shotgun laser system, the LT-120 Universal Shotgun Trainer laser system.

Now shotgunners, from beginners to seasoned pros, can perfect their swing and follow-through on targets, through the innovative LaserLyte concentric laser system. The LaserLyte LT-120 fits all 12 and 20 gauge semi-auto, pump, over-under and side-by-side shotguns. Shotgun training for home defense, target shooting or wing shooting can be learned and perfected in the comfort of one’s own home.

The LaserLyte® LT-120 fits in the primary barrel’s muzzle-end and produces a sound-activated laser when the user pulls the trigger for each barrel (Example: 2 trigger pull clicks results in 2 activations). The LT-120 projects a ring of 8 red laser dots with one red laser dot in the center as the aiming laser. The circle grows at one-inch per yard, about the same configuration as the shotgun would when aimed at a moving target. The red laser circular pattern gives the user the advantage of a wide field-of-view while using both eyes for aiming. The LaserLyte® LT-120 allows shotgun shooters to build muscle reflex skills such as swing, follow-through and sight pattern identification.

LaserLyte LT-120 in a 12 GA Mossberg
LaserLyte LT-120 in a 12 GA Mossberg

The LaserLyte® LT-120 Universal Shotgun Trainer saves shotgunners time and money and readies them for higher scores and more hits on the field.  For more information, visit www.laserlyte.com.

LaserLyte LT-120 Specifications:

  • Compatible Firearms:           12 and 20 Gauge Shotguns (pump, semi-auto, over-under,  side-by-side)
  • Laser Module:                        635nm, 5mw
  • Batteries:                                 3 x A76
  • Battery Life:                            3,000 shots
  • Activation:                              Sound of striker or hammer (2 clicks for 2 activations)
  • Weight:                                   .75 ounces /21.26 grams
  • Length:                                    4.92 inches / 124.84mm
  • Minimum Diameter:             0.20 inches / 5.18mm
  • Maximum Diameter:             0.75 inches / 18.9mm
  • MSRP:                                      $219.95
LaserLyte Universal Shotgun Trainer LT-120
LaserLyte Universal Shotgun Trainer LT-120

About LaserLyte:

LaserLyte, the leader in laser technology for over 25 years. Our mission is to heighten the experience of shooting.  Now LaserLyte offers a 3-year warranty for all products sold new, including products sold new up to three years ago. For additional information about LaserLyte, visit www.laserlyte.com . Keep up to date with LaserLyte on Facebook or Twitter. Visit the LaserLyte YouTube page for all the LaserLyte action.