The United Nations Is Prepping For Global Gun Control

United Nations
The United Nations Is Prepping For Global Gun Control

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The lamestream media told you:

Part I: The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty has collapsed in complete failure. (That was back in June 2012; that was a complete lie, a perfectly good draft treaty had been written and was a good first step, as these things go). You can read it in plain English:

Part II: The final negotiating conference on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty has failed to produce a Treaty Text that achieved consensus approval, to report to the U.N. General Assembly. It sounds like the wonderful effort by the glorious U.N. for an international ban on horrible guns has ended in failure.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that: Here's what really happened. In an effort to get unanimous support, called “consensus approval,” the U.N. negotiating conference voted on an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) draft and got three “no” votes — from the worst human-rights violators known to man — Iran, Syria, and North Korea. They wanted to be free of the U.N.'s proposed controls, which is a good thing in a bizarre sort of way, but it won't stop the U.N.

That vote just kicked the whole thing up to a vote of the General Assembly members, for a less prestigious, but easier-to-get approval of the “Resolution” which has the same language. On April 3, 2013 they got 154 yeas, 3 nays (the same ones) and 23 abstentions. The U.S. voted “yes” (but that doesn't mean we adopted it). Russia and communist China were among the abstentions.

This puts the draft in play, and instructs the Secretary General to open it up for signatures.

When 50 nations sign it — and get it ratified by their governments — and deposit that ratification with the U.N., the treaty enters into effect, 90 days later. That vote opened on June 3 2013. It is expected to pass. Our president is expected to sign it, which is an action taken solely by the Executive Branch, and is only for show.

Sorta. The media and the antis will treat like an act of Greatness.

For it to become law here though, it would need ratification by 2/3 of the Senate (normally 67 out of 100 votes), and that is highly improbable. Now. But it will hang over our heads literally forever. Procedural trickery could possibly achieve “two-thirds ratification” with fewer than 67 votes, but that's another story.

You will see a flood of stories from the “news” soon assuring you the ATT has little affect on the Second Amendment. That's simply false. I'm also predicting a new narrative that bombards us with a sense that we are “out of compliance with the international community,” and that our gun laws are “anachronistic,” (old fashioned), no longer appropriate, that the world is sneering at us, that we should get with the program, and even that this should be the law even without it being the law, and we should obey.

The “news” media is becoming one of the greatest impediments to freedom by campaigning for an agenda instead of reporting what is.

“Small arms” are right there in the treaty language. Signatories are required to create “national control lists” of all arms and ammunition imports and exports, and since this includes parts and even metals used, it's a very broad brush. Fine imported guns could be severely affected (can you say Glock?) Make, model and end users are covered, the U.N. is supposed to get copies of the lists, and the U.N. is supposed to give copies to every other participating nation, who are encouraged to make the lists public. “Improvements” are supposed to be made by amendment after six years.

Will this affect the tyrants, dictators, mass murderers, human-rights abusers, genocidal maniacs, people who want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and others who it is ostensibly aimed at? An extensive analysis in the Penn State Law Review by Kopel, Gallant and Eisen (Vol. 114, No. 3) concludes that the ATT “would have no more effective force than the arms embargoes that are already imposed by the U.N. Security Council… accordingly, the ATT is a distraction.”

The authors point out that, “Control Arms, the leading international gun prohibition lobby, forthrightly acknowledges that, every one of the 13 United Nations arms embargoes imposed in the last decade has been systematically violated.”

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  • 7 thoughts on “The United Nations Is Prepping For Global Gun Control

    1. I too took an oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, As did the President all elected officials and public servants, I have never been relieved of that oath. The Second Amendment is lawful and legally binding on all fifty states. We wouldn’t need the N.R.A. if the A.C.L.U. would protect all out civil liberties. As far as ( Assault Weapons) go in 1775 Muskets were the assault weapons of the day. I use my AR-15 for Fox and Coyote hunting. Today we have computers, I Pods, I phones, Internet, E Mails, Cable TV, 24hr News, Radio, Satelite Radio. In 1775 it was wooden type set print. But the above is all first amendment protected. So why wouldn’t civilian versions of weapons that look like military firearms, but operate differently ( They are not machine guns or full auto). President Obama cant pass his agenda, so now he:s going thru thru the UN to circumvent the constitution. If the Blue Helmets who are already here in the U.S. training for that day. Will find that 1775 will recommence again. There are 200 plus million firearm owners. Who own 12 Trillion plus rounds of ammunition. Who are standing by to take this country back if need be. To the Constitutional Republic for which it stands. As a former Federal Firearms Dealer for 20 years I found that backround checks are only as good as the information put into the system. I had one felon who passed a backround check. Only after hearsay did I double check and turned him in. We have many, many federal gun laws on the books that are not enforced. Many federal firearms laws are plea bargained off. Locally a young lady used a stolen credit card to by her boyfriend a gun who couldn’t own one. Two federal laws right there, Ten years each. Knowing that it would be used in a robbery at her place of employment. count three. She was working when he robbed the store. they fled to a city 30 mile away and was confronted by law enforcement he pulled the gun and was shot. Three counts at least of violating federal gun laws 30 years. She got two……Look them up. Defrauding a Firearms dealer, Straw purchase of a firearm for a person who cant own one. Knowingly purchasing a firearm that will be used in a crime. Ten years and $250,000 ea count. The Second Amendment its there for when we need it. No other Amendment says “Shall Not Be Infringed”.

    2. The rest of the world can see that the United States’ hands are tied, and are trying to help with our gun violence issue.
      Those for gun sense are not trying to take all the guns. They simply want a good background check system in
      place with no loopholes, for all gun sales. Most of America wants this, including gun owners. Also hunters do not
      need any type of assault weapon. These are too dangerous to be floating around in our society. Hunters may
      be inconvenienced a little, but isn’t this a small price to pay for curbing violence,and mass shootings—-since most
      are done with some type of assault rifle.
      There were 30,000 guns purchased the day after Newtown. That says to the world–We don’t really care what happened or could happen–we are more concerned about our guns,than children dying. That is why we are now talking about the UN getting involved. Our country cannot take care of its own. If you DON’t feel this way then cut your ties with the NRA,and gun manufacturers,and your unfounded fear, before you are considered partially responsible for these shootings because you either did nothing and just watched them happen, or you fought hard against any gun legislation.

    3. its imperative to understand and know the constitution. It states that any treaty ratified by the senate then becomes the supreme law of the land. Trumping the constitution. We the people seem to know very little about the document we say we hold dear. Read it. Study it and truly learn it. Our flaws government has spent many years tearing apart the constitution this would finish the job the patriot act started.

    4. If the president of the united states signs the un arms control treaty it is genuine act of high treason nod should be dealt with accordingly!!!

    5. Well , frankly I do not care what UN rules exist or are soon to exist. They are secondary to the United States Constitution for which I took an oath to obey protect and defend from all threats foreign and Domestic just like my father did, and as a United States MARINE I did just that. ( while I might add, many throughout this country were protesting against our military ) The U.S. Constitution does not have one word in it suggesting that any group of anything or anyone supercedes the written word in it. As a Black Man born and raised in this Great Country my forefathers were denied their Constitutional right to bear arms by a tyrannical Govt. that stood idlely by for decades while those forefathers of mine were being hopelessly abused by people who may or may not have even been U.S. citizens. Therefore I absolutely refuse to allow the Same Govt. that put a rifle in My hands to protect Their interests, now tell me that I cannot do the same to protect My interests. FMCDBH!

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