Top Shot Season 5: All-Stars

By Chris Cheng

Top Shot All Stars
Top Shot All Stars
Top Shot, Chris Cheng
Top Shot, Chris Cheng

USA –-( Many Top Shot viewers have been patiently awaiting the new season of Top Shot, and this season is an All-Star cast.

They have done away with the nomination range and teams, two changes I am happy about which will hopefully produce more footage of the actual shooting, and less footage of people running their mouths.

Back from my season:

  • Kyle Sumpter: SWAT Commander who was our Red Team leader. Kyle is one to keep an eye on.
  • Gabby Franco: Venezuelan Olympic Team shooter, first female to make it to a Top Shot green shirt. Gabby was a Season 4 favorite, and she’s back to win.
  • Chee Kwan: U.S. Marine veteran, also a former Red Team member! Chee got sat out on a number of challenges in Season 4, and while the Blue Team did it out of fear/respect, I know Chee was itching to compete. He now gets his chance at redemption.
  • Greg Littlejohn: U.S. Air Force veteran, runner up to me in our epic Season 4 finale. Greg was known for his nerves getting in the way, and I wonder if he’s got them under control for his chance at winning the title of Top Shot.
  • William Bethards: FBI Special Agent, Marine veteran and former Marine Corps Rifle Team member. “Hey Diddle, Diddle, Right Down the Middle” is back and we’ll see if William can indeed send his shots right down the middle.

While I’m very excited to see many of my favorite shooters come back, I’ll call out one, Kelly Bachand from Season 1. Kelly was the young gun who was super talented, and got caught up in stupid house politics. He got sent to so many eliminations and kept shooting his way back into the house – I remember having a lot of respect for him. Keep an eye on Kelly Bachand!

I wish JJ Racaza and Tara Poremba could have made it, but they had personal commitments back when the competition took place in August and September 2012. But we’ve got plenty of top tier shooters, so it is going to be one exciting Season 5.

Who are your favorite marksmen and women to return? What do you think of the new format changes? Let me know in the comments!

About Chris Cheng:
After winning History Channel’s Top Shot competition, Chris Cheng left a cushy job at Google to go have some fun as a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops. Chris shoots in USPSA, IDPA, and 3-gun competitions across the country, and visit Bass Pro stores for appearances and weapons demos. He is a Staff Writer at The Firearm Blog and now on his own blog, ‘Top Shot Chris’, where I share my experiences in this new career path.

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Beth Perkins

We love Gabby! She’s such a great shooter, and so sweet too. We’re loving the format this year, with shooters really being able to show their stuff and compete without the politics of previous years. We’re a little sorry to see them introduce items like the gatling gun, which isn’t really a good demonstration of marksmanship, but I know they need to bring in lots of different firearms. Still, loving this year, and go Gabby!