U.S. Has Given Afghan Army More than $1 Billion in Ammo

Afghanistan National Army
U.S. Has Given Afghan Army More than $1 Billion in Ammo
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- A new oversight report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction shows that the U.S. government has provided the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) over $1 billion worth of U.S. taxpayer funded ammunition.

The actual number is $1.03 billion; this cost is in addition to the $288 million in ammunition that the U.S. has also provided to the Afghan National Police (ANP).

In addition to bullets for both the Afghanistan National Army and the ANP, the U.S. has spent $3.4 billion for “equipment and transportation” for the ANP alone. Of this, $366,079,788 was used for weapon purchases, while over $2.6 billion was used for transportation purchases.

U.S. taxpayers have funded nearly $900 million worth of weapons purchases for the Afghanistan National Army as well.

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    1. It simply boggles my mind that our country is being led down such a pathetic path. Obama and his minions have started the ball rolling and as long as we stand idly by, just watching, afraid to act to stop it, it will only gather more speed and momentum. We all, every single one of us who believe our country is out of control and heading in a direction none of wishes it to take, must act. We must act swiftly and hard. We must each call every single one of our states elected officials and demand our country be returned to us, its citizens. We must demand that all military aid to foreign countries who sponsor terrorism or harbor terrorists be immediately stopped. We must demand that all rights afforded us by our Constitution be restored in their entirety. We must demand that our elected officials no longer be gives free passes to lie, mislead, and steal for their citizens. We must demand that if it is shown that any of them have abused the trust given their office, or if they have broken any law or infringed upon any powers they may hold, that they be immediately removed from office, stripped of all retirement payments and benefits and from their ever again holding any other government offices or positions, and have criminal charges brought upon them. We must then demand and see that they are made to stand before a court of law to answer for their misconducts. Until we stand up as a statement to our government we are doomed to continue to see our country erode into despair and ruin. And when we allow it to continue we doom not only ourselves, but we also visit this doom upon our children and their children on into oblivion. Stand by and watch it happen or act now to do something to change it. But remember, you only haven’t earned a right to complain if you did nothing. You only earn that right if you try.

    2. Yep they need that ammo and guns so they can protect their right to marry kids under 16 in accordance with their beliefs. Wake up America the beast is upon you.

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