‘Who Is Winning the Gun War?’ … My Take & Its Is Not The NRA

By Peter Moss
In response to an article By Pat Buchanan “Who Is Winning the Gun War?” http://tiny.cc/qkk7xw

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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- It was correctly claimed that this is an ideological war. It is.

So who is winning this ideological and cultural war?

“Measured by media coverage, the gun controllers. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is treated with a deference Wayne LaPierre of the NRA and Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America will never know.”

In an ideological war the only measure is public opinion. While public opinion is currently decreasing for gun control that was not true a few months ago when major legal changes were proposed. Had those proposed state laws passed the situation would be completely different.

Prior to the Sandy Hook shooting public support for more strict gun control laws was about 49%. It is down from the 1990’s where it was about 60%. That decrease is in no way attributable to anything done by any firearm organisation. It is almost entirely due to Obama fear.

The NRA took a week to issue a statement that agrees with the schools gun-free act and accepted that, the law as valid. The NRA proposed armed guards which it could conveniently train. The NRA said not one word about any citizens rights. The NRA ignored citizens rights in order to promote business for itself. Citizens rights are sacrificial to the NRA, few citizens would miss the abandonment of the NRA of its claimed principles. The only pull the NRA has is people feel it has the numbers to win. The problem is the NRA does not know how to win and is not really interested in winning.

If I can see these problems with firearm organisations that fight to promote guns, gun sales, training, membership, gun control laws, responsibility, obedience to gun control laws, the superiority of the law, courts, government and the constitution instead of promoting and protecting our creator that gave us the rights, then the NRA is in big trouble.

Consider how many members the African National Congress would have had if it agreed with, accepted, collaborated or negotiated with apartheid laws? What is different for the NRA, our creator give us human rights?

So who is winning this fight when no country in the world has less restrictive gun control laws than it did fifty years ago or won a sustained victory over gun control? Who has bothered to examine why that is true and what mistakes were made? A small victory of circumstance that cannot be attributed to anything firearm organisations have done is not a repeatable victory.

One of the few who do know what they are doing is Gun Owners of America and Larry Pratt. This is a war that can only be won with public opinion on the side of firearms ownership. It cannot be bought by funding politicians. If that were so gun control would put the billions it spends on public opinion into funding politicians.

These are our rights, we own them, we police, enforce and protect them. Nobody else can do this for us.

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Winston Smith

They damn sure dont want constitutional carry. To many licensed concealed carry instructors . Yes a few ,too too many conflicts of interest the NRA has. Sad really because to adopt GOA s stance would swell it’s ranks even more. No comprimise ,No collaboration with the enemy , Period .


I am a member of both the NRA and GOA. I take action on all of the GOA alerts and many times on my own, sending email to Congress. One has to understand that the NRA makes police and the NRA-ILA is the legislative branch of the NRA. If you wish to be active in the NRA’s efforts and know about legislation State and Federal then you must get the NRA-ILA reports. How ever they will not send you pre written letters to your representatives with a link to send the email your are on your own to take action.… Read more »

Thomas James Nelson



Wondering just what your take is on the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR)lobbyist? My take is they have done more for gun owners in the last 6 months than the NRA has done in the last 15 years. I’m also a Big fan of Larry Pratt as well as Alan Korwin of Page Nine.