Alaska Update Spring 2013 from The Man in Black

Master Guide Terry Overly
Master Guide Terry Overly
Pioneer Outfitters
Pioneer Outfitters

Chisana, AK –-( The weather in Alaska has always been unpredictable and at times, downright vicious. Our Spring this year was a brief 4 week obligation to Winter with it’s setting all-time-depth-records for snow fall and cold all over the state.

It is July, and there is still 4-6′ (Feet) of ice still on the Chisana River. At one mile wide, five miles long and six feet deep; that is one huge chunk of ice that shouldn’t be there.

We have been breaking record high temperatures in Chisana this year as are many other places Alaska. The temperatures have been between the high eighties to mid nineties (85*-95* Fahrenheit) with wind gusting to 40 MPH (miles per hour).

Our glaciers are melting at every elevation, every mountaintop and in every drainage. The Chisana River has been at flood levels all summer and we are still waiting for a break to come. Every day, the heat builds new thunderstorms with lightning and the torrential downpours last up to three hours at a time.

~ On the positive side of life today in Chisana, our hillsides and the valley floors are covered with thick green new growth of all of the wild grasses, willows and a tremendous variety of wild flowers. We have missed seeing the beautiful green lushness the last few years of drought like summers.

The Bear-berries haven’t grow and ripen yet, but I have seen a few very respectable Alaska-Yukon Moose with much larger antlers than is normal for this time of year. We have a few young and small Grizzlies making a nuisance of themselves during their first year on their own. Bigger Grizzlies roam high and wide, digging squirrels and roots. The Dall Sheep are on the mountainsides, majestic white.

Our Chisana Valley of mountains, rivers and glaciers is as wild and untamed as those of us that live in it. Come be wild and untamed with us, in the beautiful Chisana Valley.

~ Master Guide Terry Overly

What is Pioneer Outfitters? Pioneer Outfitters is real life Alaska. Men and women trained extensively by the State and in the field. Guides that make their lives and living on horseback in the wild areas of Alaska, to stand by you and see you safely into the wilderness, through it and back. Simply, Pioneer Outfitters is not only who we are, it is what we are. Our entire site is truly about us. Visit:

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Amber-Lee Dibble

Hey, AmmoLand!
I wanted to stop in and tell you that it means a lot to us here at Pioneer Outfitters to have such as yourself passing along our news and updates.

We are working hard to spread the word via the internet that there are still places such as Chisana, people such as Master Guide Terry Overly and Teams such as Pioneer Outfitters.

So, Thanks!
Straight shooting & Safe Adventures!
~ Alaska Chick