Are Maryland State Police Unable or Unwilling to Expedite Instant Back Ground Checks

State Police Slow Walking Gun Rights
Are Maryland State Police Unable or Unwilling to Expedite Instant Back Ground Checks
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Maryland State Delegate KEVIN KELLY (D District 1B, Allegany County) has been concerned about Maryland FFL’s releasing firearms after 7 days without completion of background checks as allowed by law.

Seems that much like the nonsense we have seen in New Jersey, the Maryland State Police insist on inserting themselves between Federal Firearms Dealers and the FREE FBI provided NATIONAL INSTANT CHECK SYSTEM (NICS) checks.

Maryland State Police seem unable to meet the record demand for firearms back ground checks by state residents and have now fallen over 100 days behind in processing the firearms applications of law abiding purchasers.

If your concerned about the right to keep and bear arms being “Slow Walked” by another state police power grab you will be well frustrated by the correspondence below.

Maryland State Delegate KEVIN KELLY provided us with the following correspondence in the hopes that it would shed light on this serious infringement on Marylander’s right to keep and bear arms in a timely manner.

Gun Issues – Del. K. Kelly’s Response to Maryland State Police Superintendent Regarding Firearms Background…

Please take the time to thank Maryland State Delegate KEVIN KELLY for his efforts in trying to resolve this issue.

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If you already own a firearm why does a backround check matter?
They want to delay sales , impede sales and put hard working arms sellers out of business.
They want a paper trail for their hidden agenda.

Steve S.

This is just part of the Maryland Soviet Socialist Republic’s plan to make purchasing and owning any firearm so difficult and expensive that people will just decide that it is worth it. Maryland law is full of minor things that will disqualify you from owning a firearm even if you are never charged or convicted of anything. Sometimes; a simple report, police contact, or arrest is all it takes for the MSP to come in a confiscate your firearms.


I don’t understand? WHY is the police involved AT ALL when the dealer should be the one logging onto the NICS system and doing the intachecks??????????????


Stupid, all of it.

Just get out of the way and let us alone.