Army Giving Up Traditional Ammo & Stopping Power For ‘Green’ Bullets

Green Bullets
To quote liberals from the pranksters at “We don’t give a shit if you shoot people, but please do it without harming Mother Earth.”
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( The Army is switching from lead bullets in many small caliber arms to “environmentally friendly” rounds in 2014, even through the lead bullets are tried and true while the stopping power of the “green” bullets is already being questioned.

The Daily Caller reports that the Army switched to a “green” round for its 5.56 mm ammo in 2010–these are the bullets used in an MP4 or an AR-15.

This ammo is referred to as an “Enhanced Performance Round” even though Fox News carried a report showing that Army testing shows the stopping power of the round is worse than expected “at less than 150 yards.” Nevertheless, the Army is pressing on and making the 7.62 mm bullet “environmentally friendly” by 2014 as well.

The Army predicts “the use of green 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition could eliminate the purchase of 3,683 metric tons of lead between 2013 and 2018.”

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You go ahead with your marshmallow bullets.
I’ll keep shooting big lead poison holes.


Yet the United States doesn’t want to talk about depleted uranium rounds. What a mess in Bosnia , Iraq , Afganistan , Iraq’s cleanup will be over $30 million alone. Kids will be picking up the havy black cores of these rounds . Different governments say different answer safe , not safe. I handled DU counter weights and sealed the open areas with tape then painted the tape to seal the failed plating. All coveralls gloves and masks went with the weight for disposal.
So someone lied. and still is.


“Progressives” always use the military to “test” their ideas and agendas. Whether it’s social issues or environmental issues, the military is under “orders” to comply. Where do think, to cite a less controversial example, “smoking bans” originated?


That picture is NOT the real bullet! You conservative fools believe everything you hear when you should do some research first! The army did many tests, and each showed that the copper bullet was more effective! That picture is not a copper bullet, it is just homemade garbage!


“Green bullets, like the M855A1, have been touted for their enhanced performance standards, such as better hard-target penetration, more consistent performance against soft targets and significantly increased distances of these effects.”


pfloyd, you’re an idiot. First you ignorantly buy into the poisoning the water supply bs. The only way the local water supply would be poisoned would be if they were drawing from a well 10 ft deep. Your little link wasn’t written by a Marine. The ammunition in question is copper jacketed so the likelihood of anyone being exposed to lead from handling ammo about as likely as your jug eared sac licking president not lying. As for your snide comment regarding people who don’t have a good opinion of your jug eared princess. Have yourself a hot cup of… Read more »


I see a lot of misinformation going on here – as a Marine I will tell you that standard steel-tipped M855 is junk. It’s always been junk. From Marines downrange, the new copper core M855A2 performs better than the original bullet on almost every level. Not only is M855A1 “green”, but it’s an improvement in ballistic performance. Please stop bagging on something that you have no idea about, and assuming it’s worse simply because it’s labeled as “green”.


@pfloyd09 – all that is to be said is that I respect you and what you have attempted to do on this page.


I think it’s about time some of you take your heads out of your rears and put your tinfoil hats back on. How about you start using some math, physics, common sense and listen to someone with first hand knowledge of the M855A1 round instead of Fox news. The only way to gauge “stopping power” for non-expanding bullets like the M855 and M855A1 is to calculate their energy (F=ma, Isaac Newton, look him up). Both are 62 grain projectiles loaded to the same velocities. Therefore ballistics, energy, and “stopping power” are identical. The other factor in a bullet’s performance is… Read more »


“The Army predicts “the use of green 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition could eliminate the purchase of 3,683 metric tons of lead between 2013 and 2018.”

Something tells me the purchase of those types of rounds will stop 2 years earlier than estimated.


The picture above is not the actual bullet. See the link to the Fox Website for that. However, the new bullet trades mass (stopping power) for a faster flight speed and increased accuracy which I will have to let someone more knowledgeable tell me which is more important. The fact that it is lead-free is appealing to bleeding-heart liberals like me but hardly a game changer. Soldiers and terrorists don’t die of lead poisoning. I would be curious to know the long term production cost savings if any can be projected.


Just because you read something on line, does not make it true. Please remember that. It is amazing of how many “Facts” there are on the internet, that turn out to be fake.



The military doesn’t use generally use AR15s, do they? I’m sure there may be a couple, but its use isn’t a normal thing, right?

Also, AR15s are normally chambered for .223. There is a difference between the two.


The M855A1 EPR “green” round seen here:
is far better than the older M855 ball rounds. It is nicknamed green only because it contains no lead, the environmental factor being more of a side benefit than key feature (of course marketed as such for political purposes). The article is highly misleading both with the picture making it look like a cheap plastic POS, and with the phrase “performance worse than expected at 150 yards”. Less than expected is still better than what we had before.


I seem to recall reading something about the cancellation of the most recent carbine replacement program citing increased barrel/part wear with the M855A1.

If the goal is to reduce (or eliminate) aerosolized lead, pretty much all you have to do is use lead-free primers and bullet jackets with the open end towards the front. The latter is actually common with non-expanding match-grade projectiles because it puts the most inconsistent part of the jacket closer to the intended rotational centerline so as to minimize its negative effect on accuracy.

Bill Redmon

First, Bill, The military did not by the almost two billion rounds of ammunition. That was Homeland Security, and it is for the war against the American citizens.
Now, the Green ammo that obama wants our military to us has less knockdown power than what they have been using. obama wants us to get our asses kicked so his brother muslims can make us a nation of Islam. Don’t think that’s not what he wants.

Bill J.

So what are they gonna do with the Gazillion rounds they bought up to keep it from us ??? Oh yea they put a bunch of ammo and guns in a warehouse over in the desert with NO Guards and were surprised when it was taken by ????? It was taken by those they left it for !!! Taliban or who ??


Liberals don’t like the military so why arm them with what works right?
Too much touchy fealy nonsense!

Jeff Allen

Maybe, just maybe y’all ought to do a little research before taking off on a media inspired witch hunt? The round shown is nothing like the military 5.56 ammo.

The military also appears pleased with its performance.

chris morgan

If they were so concerned about the environment how about consuming less oil and petroleum based products? After all they account for over 51% of all these materials consumed in the United States, just saying….

Hec One Love

Killing people is wrong, it doesn’t matter who’s being killed and it doesn’t matter who is doing the killing… a life is a life and wrong is wrong. Trying to be environmentally conscious while in the act of killing people is moral bankruptcy. There needs to be an awakening, we need to question everything that we indoctrinate our children with. Sometimes things that pretend to be good and righteous are just mental poison conditioning dressed up as entertainment or patriotism.


At least at a 150 yd. range these bullets would be less likely to shoot through a victim and continue on to penetrate house walls and kill a child blocks away.


Relax all. This has been long planned- for TRAINING ammunition. Service ammunition remains the same. More ammunition is expended in training each year than you can imagine, this is a cheap substitute requiring less clean up for training ranges. pfloyd09, stand down. You are blithering. The EPR was obtained not because it’s “green”, but for better stopping power- it’s cost prohibitive for training. The “green” stuff is similar to SLAP ammo. Your resume seems impeccable, you were in Desert Storm (I was on that weekend hunting trip, too). Sad you missed Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq- you may have a different… Read more »


@ Brad Gill: It’s a trade-off, like most things in life… The wind has less time to act on a bullet travelling at a higher speed. @ almost everyone else: Reading comprehension seems sub-par. The moronic comments about a lack of penetration are in direct opposition to what the article says about the ammo in question. It penetrates *better* because copper is harder than lead, and the penetrator is improved in this design. Copper bullets are a fascinating field of inquiry from a ballistic perspective… You gain range capability, and penetration at the same time. This mythical “stopping power” is… Read more »


Lol…mp5 shoots 5.56 now….

Brad Gill

How about the effects of wind on it? If it’s less dense, wouldn’t the wind move it more?

donna baker

Our government disarming our Army,how sad is this.


What’s next…handicapped-accessible helicopters? How about casting infantraymen’s right feet in buckets of cement? When we lose the next war it won’t be “Bush’s fault”, but it will be too late to do anything about it. Good luck in recruiting people for the new, modern, LBGT Army…


That article is dead wrong. Assuming the data from the Army’s Picatinny Arsenal is accurate, and I have no reason to suspect that they falsified it, the new 5.56 M855A1 “Enhanced Performance Round” is stunningly more capable than the traditional military 5.56 M855 “Green Tip- Penetrator” round, which has dismal terminal ballistics. The new round has characteristics that make it competitive against 7.62 — that is newsworthy. The fact that it is leadless is just gravy. Lead is cheaper, that is its advantage — not terminal ballistics (stopping power). Short of changing calibers, the M855A1 is maybe the best International… Read more »


“The Daily Caller reports that the Army switched to a “green” round for its 5.56 mm ammo in 2010–these are the bullets used in an MP4 or an AR-15.”

An MP-4? Am I just out of date here, or does that weapon not even exist? And FYI ammoland, the Army uses M-16s and M4s, not AR-15s.


I was thinking that maybe in that green stuff is some sort of poison. Maybe?


You’re right ABennett. I didn’t start it, but unlike most people on the left side of the aisle, I’m not going to sit idly by while people who are seemingly allergic to facts and education bash logic, good sense, and spread outright lies. Yes, I’m a moderate to liberal guy, but I served my country during wartime, as did my father and grandfather, and we ALL do our country a disservice when we spread these lies, and make outrageous conspiracy theory claims against our leaders. What ever happened to ‘United we stand, divided we fall”? Oh, sorry, that’s just the… Read more »


Written by a deployed Marine who has a good deal of experience with the EPR. SPOILER ALERT! MAY CONTAIN FACTS!! “The issue is that stateside ranges fall subject to the EPA. Remember, Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune has a fuckton of ranges, and all that lead is a nightmare for the local water suppoly, which serves the 20,000+ Marines and sailors aboard Lejeune, plus (indirectly) Camp Geiger, New River Air Station, and all of Onslow county. About 50,000 people, maybe more since I’m using old estimates. Multiply that by every base and it’s surrounding areas, and you begin to see the issue.… Read more »


I was amazed to see to name calling in a simple post about a bullet. Wow, is this what we’ve been reduced to?


This has GOT to be a joke. HAS to be. Time to remove these idiots from consuming our oxygen if there is any reality to this story at all.

kevin thomas



CarrieB. Really? That’s all you have to comment on? Try reading Holli’s post before mine, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see why I used the words I did. Sarcasm FTW.

Grey Wolf

hold on Military has not been using Lead bullets for a long time now so wtf are they worried about the rounds used are FMJ so why do they need another type…they don’t by lead btw…so there will be no decrease in lead bought


@Pfloyd –
Exactly what or who was threatening our freedom during Desert Storm?
The entire time you were in service, the threat was coming from Washington D.C., not overseas. It still is, and you still can’t see it. Sad.
Fact: There is *nothing* that someone on another continent can do to threaten our freedom.


Holli, I care about the poo-poo’ing, as I put it, because it’s 99% of the time just lies being spread by ignorant people without a bone in their body that cares more about truth than good gossip. Obama has had LESS to do with this program than the GOP president that spent 8 years in the WH while this program was fully funded and supported. I didn’t bring the partisan crap in here, I waded into it and tried to bring some enlightenment via FACTS, but as previously stated, FACTS are like kryptonite to far too many people, who are… Read more »


I am pretty sure the picture is a NyQuil pill in the casing.


Do you people seriously believe the image at the top is one of the green rounds? Are you able to read? Review my previous comments for some education. That is a 9mm round with a nyquil liqui-tab stuck in it. THAT PICTURE DOES NOT SHOW AN EPR BULLET. Simply friggin amazing…


Green means the constrution material of the bullet itself. they are made so they do not come apart like the lead. they are intended to be far more deadly on impact than traditional.


Holli. I was in Desert Storm, protecting, you know, YOUR freedom. My dad was in Vietnam. My grandfather was a fighter pilot in WWII, and a test pilot with Chuck Yeager in the 60s. My wife’s family name is Patton, of the General Patton family. Both her Patton parents served in Vietnam, and their son, my bro-in-law just finished serving two tours in Afghanistan. DO NOT pretend I am some bleeding heart liberal who knows nothing of the military, or serving our country. How many years were you in the Active Duty service, Holli?


“Woods and other officials were reticent to talk specifically about the effects of the new bullet, or any bullet, on a “soft target” — a euphemism for enemy personnel. But what they made clear was the M855A1 is at least equal to the M855 on a soft target — but that it did damage with more consistency. The M855 is a good round, Woods said, but it is “yaw dependant.” Like all bullets, it wobbles when it travels along its trajectory. Its effectiveness depends on its yaw angle when it hits a target. Not so with the M855A1. The new… Read more »

stacy sutherland

pfloyd09 its your arrogant a**holish way that makes people mad at you. all you liberals have that trait it makes me wonder if your not all from the same family.


pfloyd09 – Why is that when someone disagrees with something coming the current Admin, you types (yes, I said it) always go to the tried and true statement “The guy you loved” ? How do you know? Regardless of party, every President has screwed up something pertaining to our great nation. Take your partisan crap somewhere else. If we’d like to poo poo, as you say, why do you care? The fact is, it does look like Nyquil in there. LoL If you knew anything other than how to use Google, you’d know that yes, this has been going for… Read more »

Bill Baker

Ok, for those of you confused and think this is a joke. The green picture is, the article is not. The army is phasing out lead. They are going to a steel and copper shot, which somehow makes it ‘green’. Since lead is naturally occurring and is cheap since it is mostly mined as a biproduct of silver mining the only thing this will do is make the greenies feel better.