Bloomberg Holds $1,000-a-Plate Fundraiser for West Virginia’s Manchin

Turncoats West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Obama
Turncoats West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Obama
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's fundraiser for fellow gun control advocate Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) came and went on July 22 with very little fanfare.

Manchin's Communications Director Jonathan Kott confirmed to Breitbart News that the Senator did attend the event, but beyond this, details are sketchy.

On July 11, Breitbart News reported that the event was planned to rake in $1,000 a plate for Manchin's campaign coffers. The normal contributors to those coffers began drying up when Manchin went from being a friend of the NRA to an advocate for gun control.

CNN reported that the fundraiser was scheduled for July 22 and that it would be held at Bloomberg's mansion. Tickets were being sold in advance.

Various outlets reported that Manchin refused to talk about the fundrasier; the The Register-Herald, located right in the heart of Manchin's constituency in Beckley, WV, reported that Manchin's office spent “nearly a week” refusing to answer questions on the event hosted by Bloomberg.

One thing Manchin has been willing to talk about is his plan to “absolutely” bring his gun control bill back up for another vote in the Senate.

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    1. We are ready for the next round, too. Million and millions of emails and phone calls to lawmakers. We will never give up our fight for guns and gun rights so Bloomberg, burn your billions.

    2. First and foremost you have to remember that Manchin is a democrat. He is bound by the party to obey their dictates regardless of his personal feelings. Whatever those might be, day to day. After all democrats are ruled by situational ethics. He has been directed by his lords and masters to bring this back. Once he does Reid will again invoke the nuclear option and again the spineless repubs will cave. Count on it. The only saving grace might be the house which could refuse to approve it. But as long as Bonehead is in charge they might approve it.

    3. MAIG BLOCKED me from their site because I told THE TRUTH!! And posted they read the Boston bombers name & criminals killed by cops!! Not just INNOCENT PEOPLE BUT CRIMINALS KILLED BY LE!! So they called me names & blocked me! Everyone should MAKE THE STATEMENT & TELL THE TRUTH!! THEY ARE LYING TO PEOPLE!! To push their agenda!!

    4. I hope there was enough money raised to also buy Joe a new suit. I bet the knees of his trousers are worn through by now.

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