CO Police Department Targets Local Resident After Applying for a BB Gun Permit

Grand Junction, CO Police
Grand Junction, CO Police Department Targets Local Resident After Applying for a BB Gun Permit
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Grand Junction, CO –-( Discharging a BB gun in the city limits of Grand Junction, Colorado (Pop. 50,000) is illegal.

In order to try to rid his area of an officially recognized invasive species, the Eurasian Dove which the State of Colorado allows to be hunted with no bag limit. James Shults requested a Discharge Permit to use a 30-year old Daisy BB gun to run the pest from his residence area and from neighbor’s areas with their permission.

After inspection of Shults’ neighborhood by two separate police sergeants the Chief refused the permit as the neighborhood of single story houses is densely populated. Shults, a former National and , multi-state rifle champion and holder of many state and national records has no problem with the Chief’s decision, though he says “… it was sort of funny, of course it is densely populated, it’s inside the city.”

However, Shults noted that the Chief also sent copies of his denial letter to the Deputy Chief of Police, Grand Junction’s police Patrol Commanders and the city’s new high-tech 911 Center. Shults checked with his many law enforcement friends and contacts around the country and they confirmed he had indeed been targeted and flagged by the police and 911 center. According to Shults some LEOs (law enforcement officers) humorously chided him saying– “That’s what you get for trying to do the right thing.”

Shults says–“All this action for requesting a legal permit to discharge a Daisy BB gun in the city seems a little twisted. Am I now a terrorist to be watched by the full command of the Grand Junction police to include a flag on my residence by the 911 Center? I must be a very dangerous man armed with my Daisy BB gun; obviously a weapon of mass destruction.”

However, Shults gets serious when he compares this type of local targeting and flagging of citizens by the Federal government’s enforcement organizations to include the IRS, FBI, NSA, etc. and in his city. He has notified the Grand Junction City Council to modify this policy so that law abiding average non-threatening citizens do not appear on it.

Shults Says–“In my case, when a local citizen requests a legally designated permit for a BB gun and finds himself on city police flagged watch lists, it is sad, silly and serious. This practice is something our City Council should immediately investigate and eliminate and order citizen’s names removed from and certify that that has been done. The flagging exceptions would/could be citizen threats against officers, other citizens and property-but not interesting or non-threat contacts between the police and citizens as mine was.”

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GOD will get fed up with all this bull s##t then watch out.


Same city that allows Islamic chants to be sung in their schools but no prayers and no songs for Christians??? Now, no guns will follow soon…..

Dave Friece

We left Colorado just before all of the Commie Kalifornians got into public office.
Can’t we dig a moat around Kali and fill it with piranha?


Isnt this the state that allowed medical marijuana in defiance of FEDERAL laws ? yet the are gung-ho on stopping people from shooting BB guns ?!!?! Insanity

Jeff Hoser

My, my how things have change in Gj since I was last there (circa 1982) !!

No doubt the ghost of Louis L’Amour is thumbing his nose, too ! (He seemed to be a regular visitor during my GJ sojourn. )

Kudos to al the GJ residents making m my stay so enjoyable ! I took a bi-annual flight review for my private license there. The
FBO’s CFI had a great time exchanging knowledge and techniques I suspect we both enjoyed the hell out of it ! >MW


sounds like a typical knee jerk reaction by and follower, definatly not a leader by any means.


Silly people.


Good Lord!! wonder what would have happened if he requested a slingshot permit???? This is idiotic!!


Shoot, shovel and shut up.


Maybe he should have asked to use a water pistol?!