Connecticut Anti-rights Activist Judge Caught Abusing Authority in Court

Connecticut Carry Calls for Judge to Step Down.

Broken Justice
Connecticut Anti-rights Activist Judge Caught Abusing Authority in Court
Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Vernon, CT –-( Prominent firearms Attorney Rachel Baird of Torrington filed a motion to recuse and disqualify Judge Edward Mullarkey from a Rockville Superior Court GA-19 case on July 15th 2013.

The Motion for Recusal and Disqualification of Judge puts forth serious and egregious ethics issues raised by Mullarkey’s courtroom behavior, who is charged with being impartial.

Without any further facts or explanation, it would appear that Judge Mullarkey took it upon himself to harass Attorney Baird in the presence of her client due to her prominent and public support of firearms civil rights.

In one hearing, Mullarkey checked to make sure the court reporter had stopped recording the proceeding, and then the judge proclaimed from the bench that those who support the Second Amendment should be “ashamed”.

Judge Mullarkey also made mention of ‘The Hidden History of the Second Amendment’ by Professor Carl Bogus, a rabidly anti-gun propaganda piece written by a devoted anti-gun activist. Professor Bogus has been or is currently on the National Advisory Panel for the Violence Policy Center, the Board of Governors for Handgun Control, Inc., and the Board of Directors for the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence. These are all zealous anti-rights organizations with histories of advocating for bans on firearms.

According to the language and allegations brought forth in Attorney Baird’s Motion, Judge Mullarkey has clearly used his position as a Superior Court Judge in order to act as an activist for anti-rights in defiance of our Constitution and our Second Amendment right to bear arms. The judge’s actions are also in direct defiance of the Supreme Court decisions in DC v Heller. Legal precedent requires that Judge Malarkey is bound to uphold the rulings of the High Court, regardless of his personal advocacy mission. In addition, serious concerns about discrimination and misogyny can be raised from other behaviors that the motion describes regarding Judge Mullarkey’s conduct, whereby he appears to harass Attorney Baird about her gender and background.

Based on the above Motion for Recusal and Dismissal of a Judge, Judge Mullarkey has no place as a judge, nor in holding any position of power, when he is so willing to abuse his position of power to push an anti-civil rights agenda from the bench.

Connecticut Carry calls for Judge Mullarkey to immediately step down from the bench and retire.

Judge Mullarkey is not alone in his bias and contempt for our rights. Connecticut Carry is following up on allegations of judges across Connecticut with similar prejudices.

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Judge Mullarkey (improper spelling, but you get the idea) and Professor Bogus…no shit! You can’t make this stuff up…


I would rather lick a gun any day, than Obama’s butt. That is your specialty. Even you being on this site, tells me you are a closet gun licker. You are just too afraid to stand up for real rights so you wear your pink panties and keep hanging with the pink panty club. You read our articles and say, ” gee, I wish I could say that but what would people think?” Being a gun licker is a compliment to us. I have been called a lot worse.


William huard:

Thanks for reading. Meat Head!

Chris in NJ

Liberal troll-boy William huard (small H) doesn’t back his assertion with any facts, does he? All hat, no cattle. Lick my gun, pansie-boy.

William huard

Activist judge? You mean like the 5 Conservative activist judges who ignore “precedent” constantly? You gun lickers are hilarious


A piece of scum,hang the scum for treason !