Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns By Glenn Beck

Review written by:
Alan Chwick, Richard Goldman and Joanne Eisen

Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns By Glenn Beck
Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns By Glenn Beck

USA – -( We’ve been looking for it. We’ve been waiting for it. We’ve needed it. And now it’s here.

We wanted a logical, organized way to refute the serial lies out there about firearms.

Glenn Beck gave it to us.

His new book, Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns, gives us the facts in a manner that makes it easy for us to convincingly explain to our “friends”, the doubting thomas’s, that ‘gun safety’ and ‘gun control’ are not the same.

Simple to follow, uncomplicated and inexpensive, this book is a pleasure to read. It’s a way for us, the “gun-clingers” of America, to quickly and easily find the words and make the arguments in favor of our culture, our “norm“.

Glenn, along with a team of experts including such notables as Dave Kopel, methodically refute the often repeated lies about guns, one by one. For those of us who have never kissed the Blarney Stone, or never seem to have the right words to respond to questions like “Do you REALLY need an assault weapon?”, or “Why do you need so many bullets?”, or “Why do you oppose reasonable new gun laws?”, or “Why do children in schools need armed guards?”, THIS IS OUR BOOK.

It’s simple to carry (like a pocket .38), well-organized (like the Founders’ Militia), and cheap enough to give away to all our friends and family who may be “on the fence”. When it comes to guns, this book is Glenn’s very clever way to change a few minds. He has given us the power to knock their socks off, all wrapped up in a harmless-looking paperback.

And when you read Glenn Beck’s logical answers to the “truths” about gun ownership presented by our opponents, you’ll have the words to teach the fence-sitters that it’s the power-hungry politicians and their lackeys in the gun-hating mainstream media who have been playing with the numbers and distorting the “facts”, all to foster their own agenda of controlling the American people.

There’s simply NO TRUTH anywhere in the weapons control camp, none at all. If they’re speaking, they’re lying!

It’s enough to make you paranoid, but the truth is that women, children and families are safest in homes and communities when honest, law-abiding citizens are free to own and lawfully use weapons in the defense of themselves, their families and their innocent neighbors. Firearms in the hands of civilians are essential to a free society, and work to all our benefit.

  • Why are “they” trying to make people fear guns and gun ownership enough to give them up?
  • Why do “they” want American civilians disarmed?
  • Why are “they” so blatantly and intensely lying about guns and gun ownership?

Buy Glenn’s excellent treatise, Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns, and you’ll be able to win over those citizens blinded by the enemies of freedom.

We need as many people as possible to understand the truth and it’s up to us to teach them, one by one.

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I am a Beck fan! I have actually given him several ideas for his FOX TV show and also his radio show and have had several communications with his buddy Pat. That said he is also a mercenary on the gun issue. He only recently has learned to shoot and still makes mistakes on simple gun terminology. He got paid really huge membership money to speak at the NRA Convention, he is “only” a life member–but he did not even pay for that. And his NRA “plugs” are highly paid from membership money. The timing of this gun book was… Read more »


As a nation we have not learned the lessons of Prohibition. When a vocal (and even well-meaning) minority strongarms legislators to create a law to prohibit the majority from doing something that is perfectly legal – in the former instance, drinking alcoholic beverages; in the latter instance owning & carrying guns,in order for that law to work, the public must support it. If not, all sorts of bad things happen, just as happened during Prohibition. That law was repealed, but the damage was don and is still with us even today. If a person is doing something legal, such as… Read more »