Doug Koenig Championship Season Presents ‘On the Road to Bianchi Cup’

Doug Koenig Shooting
Doug Koenig Championship Season Presents ‘On the Road to Bianchi Cup’
Doug Koenig’s Championship Season
Doug Koenig’s Championship Season

Hamburg, PA –-( This week Doug Koenig looks back at his travels to the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club in Columbia, Missouri to compete in the prestigious 2012 Midway USA & NRA Bianchi Cup.

While Doug has won this match numerous times, this episode covers how he prepares mentally, deals with the pressure of the match environment and maintains his customized Smith & Wesson DK 38 Super Comp pistol using the Otis cleaning kit.

Since its inception in 1979, the three day event attracts the best shooters in the world, combining shooting stationary and moving targets that demand speed, accuracy and precision. In the end, a Silver Cup awaits the champion; watch to see the results of Doug’s hard work and intense focus.

Koenig commented, “Competing in the Bianchi Cup is the epitome of accuracy in action pistol shooting sports.” Koenig added, “Shooting at this level drives me, there’s no room for error.”

The four main events to the Midway USA & NRA Bianchi Cup entail:

  • Practical Event –  from the appropriate shooting line, competitors’ fire at distances from 10 yards to 50 yards under varying time limits.
  • Barricade Event – from within shooting boxes and behind barricades, competitors’ fire at targets on either side of the barricade at different distances and varying time limits.
  • Falling Plates  –  from the shooting line, competitors’ fire at 8” round steel plates arranged in banks of six, at distances from 10 to 25 yards under varying time limits.
  • Moving Target  – from within shooting boxes at distances ranging from 10 to 25 yards, competitors’ fire at a target moving from left to right and right to left, visible for only six seconds.

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season, a hunting and shooting based show returns for a second season on Pursuit Channel after experiencing an overwhelming success in its debut season. Designed for the entire family, each week Doug invites you to share his hunting and outdoor experiences. Along the way, he’ll provide successful tips to improve your outdoor adventure to create a memory.

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