Enfield Rifle Company Introduces MERC415 Rifle

Enfield Rifle Company MERC415 Rifle
Enfield Rifle Company MERC415 Rifle
Enfield Rifle Company
Enfield Rifle Company

CLAYTON, GA – -(Ammoland.com)- The Officers and Members of the modern Enfield Rifle Company, LLC are pleased to formally announce the establishment of the company in Clayton, Georgia.

The business actually opened in December of 2012. “However, with all of the recent hysteria in the market we felt we felt like there was a lot of distraction”, said Nigel Boothe, one of the founding Members and Chairman of the company. “Now that things have settled down a bit we decided it would be a good time to make the announcement.”

Enfield is proud to bring an Old World name combined with New World technology to the American commercial market for the first time. The company goal is to take its experience in manufacturing arms for military and security forces to a broader market. We want to bring that experience of making high quality, dependable firearms to law enforcement, shooting enthusiasts and responsible gun owners.

The modern Enfield Rifle Company (MERC) is a completely American owned, Georgia based company making the AR platform carbine 100% in the USA. Our receivers are manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 Certification and each firearm is moved through the assembly process by only one of several certified armorers.

“We believe this creates a high level of accountability and pride of workmanship that doesn’t have to be shared,” said Boothe.

The first model introduced by Enfield is the MERC415 Type I. It is a 5.56 caliber M4 style AR15 (hence 415) made to what the company refers to as Mil-GRADE standards. Mil-GRADE stands for Military-Government Requirements And Data Equivalent. It is akin to “Mil-Spec” but without the implications that it is built to the US Government Technical Data Package and that all the associated red tape of lot certifications, testing and Government inspections are taking place.

“We don’t think most of what is being called ‘Mil-Spec’ is truly military specification when taking into account what that literally means, so we needed a name to convey what we are doing,” said Boothe.

The company is currently seeking to add only one official Dealer in each state due to its overseas commitments. For Dealer inquiries and other information send emails to [email protected] or log on to www.enfieldrifleco.com .

  • Enfield is a registered trademark of the Enfield Rifle Company, LLC.
  • MERC415 and Mil-GRADE are trademarks of the Enfield Rifle Company, LLC
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james faber

I have a 1917 Enfield and it’s a great shooter. However, there are so many established AR manufactures that have prover their products over time. A new company coming into this realm of AR’s may have a problem unless the price is right. With that Tyrant Obama gone, the ammo and gun makers have to reprice their products to sell. Most people are not afraid of losing their Second Amendment Rights anymore and this is reflected in the gun stocks falling off from record price gains during obama’s eight horrible years of uncertainty. I wish the Enfield the best and… Read more »


Did they survive?


AR’s are my rifles,…1911’s are my handguns !!! TEX


I agree. Im tired of ARs ( I have 5) so im kinda sick of em, I do love my 30cal M-1 carbine but it lacks punch. Would love a Garand 30-06. My most powerful AR is myv7.62×39 rest are .223 but 16″ & 20″ barrels so I can go up in bullet weight reloading depending on person in group carring which guns

Thom Paine

Yawn, Another AR ? Now a .308/7.62 Nato carbine, Now THAT would have been interesting !