Gun Casket – Safety in Owning a Firearm

Gun Casket Dual Pistol Safe
Gun Casket Dual Pistol Safe
Gun Casket
Gun Casket

USA – -( According to the FBI, a home break-in or burglary is the most common threat to your home. In the U.S. a home burglary occurs every 14 seconds.

Over 2.2 million burglaries are committed each year and almost 70% of burglaries involve forcible entry or attempted forcible entry. In the United States, burglaries result in almost $5 billion in lost property per year.

Is your home protected from an intruder? Is your family safe in the event of a break-in? Many Americans own a firearm and feel that having one in the home makes them safe and secure from burglars. Having a gun makes you more safe, right? Not necessarily.

In the United States there are approximately 15,000 unintentional shooting injuries per year and there have been over 2,000 accidental gun deaths in the last four years. Most unintentional firearm-related deaths involving children occur at a residence and involve inappropriately stored weapons.

Because the risk of an accidental shooting is just too great, many of us lock our guns in a fireproof safe at the other end of the house. Gun Casket is the solution! As the world’s fastest opening shotgun safe today, Gun Casket is the safest alternative to these fireproof safe, under the bed storage, closet, and the likes. With a personalized code you are the only one with access to your weapon. Keep your gun locked under your bed, in the closet or nightstand and have access to it in seconds—but know that it will stay safely out of the hands of curious children.

As the world’s fastest opening shotgun safe today, Gun Casket is the safest alternative to the usual fireproof safe, under the bed storage, closet, and the likes. Here are some features of Gun Casket products:

Low Profile Design

Gun Casket’s low profile design allows you to store your weapon under beds, in drawers, behind doors and inside vehicles. Traditional safes are great for long term storage of multiple weapons but rarely provide quick access to your gun when and where you need it most.

Electronic or Manual Entry for Quick Access

Gun Casket’s push button electronic keypad provides access to your weapon in seconds. With a personalized code known only to you, you’ll never have to wonder who might gain access to your gun when you are not around. Oh, and if you forget your code or need to replace the batteries, simply use the key for manual entry.

Safe Storage Of Your Weapon

We have all heard stories of children who are injured or killed when they stumble across a gun in the house. Even the thought of such a terrible accident causes many of us to lock our weapons in a safe in the basement. Or, we store our guns and our ammunition in separate places. When it comes to protecting our families from intruders, we might as well not have a gun at all. Gun Casket allows you to safely store your weapon nearby without the fear that children may gain access to it when you are not around.

Gun Casket Shotgun Safe
Gun Casket Shotgun Safe

Pry Resistant tongue and Groove Lid with Integrated Hinge

Although no safe is impenetrable with enough time and the right set of tools, Gun Casket’s tongue and groove lid and integrated hinge are designed to make unauthorized access very difficult.

Anodized Aluminum Will Never Rust

Gun Casket safes are constructed of anodized aluminum to increase corrosion resistance and surface strength. While many safes are constructed of thick steel, they are extremely heavy and prone to rust, especially in humid environments. Gun Casket safes are built to last and will never rust. Oh, and if you want to transport your weapon in your safe you won’t break your back. Just pick it up and go.


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Question…. what happens when the battery dies in the device? Obviously there is a battery in order to power the little LED lights….. but does the battery also control the unlocking mechanism? How do you get into it if the battery is dead?


Too much like burying your guns, aka gun control!


The best place for a firearm is holstered on you where you can draw it in a second. If you collect firearms then put a lock on the trigger mechanism or around the slide then hide them in a discreet location where a tyrant government can’t steal them. They can’t take what they can’t find. As far as I’m concerned fancy safes and gun bags are he first place the tyrants will look when they’re violating your 2nd and 4th amendment rights.