In Celebration of Those Who Made July 4th Possible

What Matters, by Cameron Thornton & Rod Zee
What Matters, by Cameron Thornton & Rod Zee

USA – -( Enjoy a free audio chapter from the best-selling novel What Matters.

I’d like to share a special gift with you to help celebrate the 4th of July.

It is the complete audio recording of the Chapter on Sacrifice, from the new novel, What Matters, recorded by one of the greatest voices in America, Jake Gardner.

Sacrifice is the 12th chapter in the book.

It tells the story of 18-year old Martin Forrestal’s experiences in WW II as he and his best friend Patrick join with their Marine buddies in the battle for the Pacific island of Tarawa.

Many readers tell us that this chapter is the most powerful and moving story of sacrifice they have ever read.

Please enjoy this gift in the spirit of the sacrifice that so many men and women have made to make our great nation free…and to keep it that way.

This recording will only be available for a week, so please be sure to visit.  There is nothing for sale on the page, just the audio.

To listen to the audio above, or click HERE.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Bret Gardner