Italian Gun Grease Offers Long-Term Protection Kit for Firearms

Italian Gun Grease Long-Term Protection Kit
Italian Gun Grease Long-Term Protection Kit
Italian Gun Grease
Italian Gun Grease

Spring Hill, TN –-(  Italian Gun Grease knows the time and money gun owners invest in their firearms.

That’s why IGG has created the first fully complete Long-Term Protection Kit to ensure that corrosion doesn’t rob firearms of their longevity or value.

Italian Gun Grease’s Long-Term Protection Kit is the first on the market to feature all of the items and procedures necessary to easily prep, seal, and store firearms for years to come – no matter the environment.

The Long-Term Protection Kit includes:

  • The Protector – IGG’s specially designed rust preventative-
  • Carbon Eliminator – quickly breaks down bonds that attach carbon to metal-
  • VCI (oxygen scavenging) zip-lock storage bags-
  • Cotton gloves-
  • Moisture absorber packet-
  • Humidity Indicator strip-

“The Long-Term Protection kit is great for gun owners, no matter where or how long they plan on storing their firearms,” said Italian Gun Grease President Aaron Iwanciw.

“Whether you’re storing a rare collector’s firearm or a shotgun you use regularly, this kit is designed with all gun owners in mind.”

The patented organic-based formulas featured in the Long-Term Protection Kit were created by IGG’s talented team of technical experts with over 300 years of combined experience. They are safe, ready to use, can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and are environmentally friendly.

The Long-Term Protection Kit is available for purchase in both a pistol or rifle variation. The MSRP is $19.99 for the Pistol variation and $29.99 for the Rifle variation. Additional VCI kits are available for purchase on

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